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The template and headings for course memo

If you choose to create your course memo with the help of the About course administration tool, you use the template for course memo that is avaliable in the tool. The template consists of five predefined main headings that are grouped into five sections, with a number of different headings under each section.

Predefined main headings in the template

The five predefined main headings are described below. Read more about all headings in the template at the page .

Content and learning outcomes

Headings under the main heading "Content and learning outcomes" aim partly to describe the content and learning outcomes for the course at a general level (retrieved from the course syllabus) and partly to describe in more detail which learning activities that are included in the course. If you would like, you can also create a detailed plan here.

Prepare for course start

Headings under the main heading "Prepare for course start" aim to inform the student which preparations that are good to make. For example, which course literature needs to be purchased, if a specific software will be used during the course and what prior knowledge the student needs to have. There is also general information for students with disabilities, that information can be supplemented with specific information for the course for these students.

Examination and completion

Headings under the main heading "Examination and completion" aim to clarify for the student how the examination and grading is carried out. Much of the information shown here is taken from the course syllabus. You can also add your own information about the student’s opportunity to complete the requirements via supplementary examination, the students' opportunity to raise an approved grade via renewed examination and compensatory assignments. A general text about ethical approach is shown here and it is possible to complement it with a separate section.

Additional information

The main heading "Additional information" collects all the headings that do not fit under the other main headings. This applies to the headings "Additional regulations" and "Changes of the course before this course offering". Here it is also possible to add your own headings that do not fit under other tabs.


Headings under the main heading "Contacts" aim to inform the student on how to communicate with teachers and other relevant staff before and during the implementation of the course.

Different types of headings

Always included, elective, created heading

There are mainly three categories of headings in the system; headings that always are included, elective headings and headings that you create by yourself.

Headings that always are included will always be published in your course memo. Elective headings you can choose if you want to include or not. You can create your own headings and place them last in each tab.

For three of the headings that always are included you can add additional sections below the text already displayed. This applies to the headings "Support for students with disabilities", "Examination" and "Ethical approach".

There is an option to add your own headings at the end of all sections except "Contacts". Please have in mind to use the headings in the template as much as possible instead of creating your own headings. This is important since the headings have been developed based on the students’ and KTH schools’ needs and that students want recognition between courses.

So, before you choose to add your own heading, please go through the heding that are available to see if they fit your content.

Retrieve and/or edit information under the headings

The headings differ in terms of whether the information is retrieved or if you enter the information yourself. There are also some headings where information is retrieved from the common course information in Kopps, but you are allowed to edit the information in your course memo. This applies to the headings: "Literature", "Opportunity to complete the requirements via supplementary examination" and "Opportunity to raise an approved grade via renewed examination".

If the information that is retrieved from Kopps needs to be changed, it has to be changed by a person with access to Kopps. Read more at the page Retrieved course information .

Get local support from your school to publish course memos

If you, as an examiner, course coordinator or teacher, want help from the local support at your school with publishing your course memo, you will find contact details on Support for About course .

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