Contact persons for scheduling

The scheduling for all programmes at KTH Campus (Valhallavägen), Campus Kista, Campus Haninge, Flemingsberg and Södertälje is managed by the central scheduling unit at KTH.

Scheduling for all programmes at KTH is administrated by the central scheduling unit at KTH. The group is part of the Division of Student Services (AFS), which is also responsible for the central room booking.

Contact details

Name Responsibility   Phone E-mail
Kicki Löfstedt Schema CINEK, COPEN, CMAST-ITSY, TIMAS, TBASE, Schemaläggning Södertälje och Flemingsberg   08-7907065
Hanna Müller Schema CSAMH, CDATE, CMETE, CENMI, TFAFK, TFOFK   08-7907069
Carolina Tostar Schema CELTE, CINTE, Schemaläggning Kista, , TBYPH, TIBYH, TCOMK   08-7906102
Rosalba Rico Schema CDEPR, CMATD, CFATE, CMAST   08-7906704
Aksel Malmström Schema CTFYS, CTKEM, CBIOT, CL, TIKED, TBASA, TBASD   08-7907075
  Group mail:      
Charlotte Sjöberg Room reservation Campus Valhallavägen, schema ARKIT, Språk, Sommarkurser   08-7909400
  Group mail room reservation:      
Ann-Christine Eriksson Room reservation Alba Nova   08-55378444
Martin Hedman Room reservation Kista   08-7904402
Jeanette Löfgren Room reservation Södertälje   08-7909508
Fredrik Häggström Room reservation Flemingsberg   08-7909722
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