Dates for the scheduling process

Study year plans, course rounds and programme connections in Kopps

  • Week 46 (November). Study year plans are due in KOPPS.
  • Week 49 (December). Course rounds must be created in KOPPS.
  • Week 51 (December). Programmes connected to course rounds in study year plan.

Courses in autumn and summer courses (August)

Schedule Request Form

Assessment period for the schedule

  • Week 13 (March).The schedule review period  begins 

  • Week 16 (April): Last week to request changes to the schedule for Autumn courses.

Publication of schedule

  • Week 18 (May). The final course and exam schedule for the Autumn semester is published.

Courses in spring and June summer courses

  • Week 19 (May). Letter regarding the schedule request form for the Spring semester are sent .

Schedule Request Form

  • Week 25 (June).  Schedule request forms for Spring courses are due in KOPPS.
  • v40 (October). Schedule request forms for June Summer courses are due in KOPPS.

Schedule Review Period

  • Week 40 (October). The schedule review period begins.
  • Week 42 (October). Last week to request changes on the schedule for Spring courses.

Publication of schedule

  • Week 44 (November). The final course and exam schedule for the Spring semester is published.

Other dates

  • October 1st. The objectives for the academic division for the coming academic year are presented.

The Schedule Request for Introductory Weeks for pre-first-year students (zero-year students)

  • Week 13 (March). The schedule request for introductory weeks is submitted to  (room booking personell).  
  • Week 18 (May). The final version of the Introductory Weeks schedule is complete.
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