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Dates for the scheduling process

The dates for the scheduling process can also be found at Tidplaner (KTH Intranet, in swedish)

Study year plans and course rounds in Kopps

Mid January. Programmes connected to course rounds in study year plan.

Courses in autumn and summer courses (August)

Schedule Request 

Week 4 (January). The Schedule Request Form  for Autumn program courses are due.

Week 7 (February). The Schedule Request Form  for Autumn independent courses are due.

Week 13 (March). The Schedule Request Form  for August summer courses are due.

Review Period

Week 13 (March). The schedule review period  begins.

Week 16 (April). Last week to request changes to the schedule for Autumn courses.


Week 18 (May). The final course and exam schedule for the Autumn semester is published.

Courses in spring and June summer courses

Schedule Request

Week 33 (August).  Schedule request forms for Spring program courses are due..

Week 35 (August).  Schedule request forms for Spring independent courses are due.

Week 40 (October). Schedule request forms for June Summer courses are due.

Review Period

Week 40 (October). The schedule review period begins.

Week 42 (October). Last week to request changes on the schedule for Spring courses.


Week 44 (November). The final course and exam schedule for the Spring semester is published.

Introductory Weeks

Week 13 (March). The schedule request for introductory weeks is submitted to  (room booking personell).  

Week 18 (May). The final version of the Introductory Weeks schedule is complete.

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