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Register to take exam, report and certify grades

When the next semester's schedule is published, the process of preparing for examination, one of KTH's most important official exercises begins.

The work begins before the course starts by identifying the activity sessions that are to be opened for registration to take an exam.

Flow chart

Register to take exam, report and certify grades (pdf 26 kB)

Follow the activities in the flow-chart. The number connected to each activity refers to the activities listed below.



The schedule for the coming semester has been published

1: Identify Activity sessions

2: Link staff to course

3: Manage exam registration

4: Prepare grade reporting

5: Report and clear grades

6: Certify or reject grades


  • Students see their results in ladok the student interface
  • Correct data is transferred to CSN
  • Basis för HPR financial allocation is available for each school


  • Student applies for reconsideration of grade
  • The examiner corrects an incorrect result
  • Alternatively, the student recieves a new result after taking an extra examination for a higher grade (plussning). For a new result when “plussning”, go directly to activity 8

7: Decide on reconsideration

8: Prepare for removal of course grade

9: Certify removal of course grade

10: Change grade on course component

continue with activity no 6

Instructions and guides

Instruction - working in ladok för teachers and examiners

Guide for choosing dates and grades when reporting grades and when deciding on credit transfers

Management of the process

Process owner

Process leader