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Digitalisation - Priority group meeting

Digitalisation Priority group works with digitisation at KTH, for different categories of staff and for different activities.

Time: Mon 2022-05-02 13.00 - 14.00

Video link: Zoom rum


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Some questions within the group

  • What is Digitalisation at KTH?
  • What will happen now in a post-pandemic period?
  • Should lectures be given in hybrid format, on-site, or recorded (in advance)?
  • How should we think about digital examinations in computer labs in the future?
  • How will we relate to the future of education?

Today's Agenda

  1. Magnus and Fredrik report from the presentation in the Education Committee
  2. Presentation and discussion on what do we take away from the pandemic? Would you like to make a short presentation to start the discussion? Please contact Magnus and Fredrik
  3. Short discussion before the main meeting, who would like to help as table leader?

Welcome to contact us if you want to join the group

Link to Digitisation PriU group page   (In Swedish)