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Support for employees working with KTH’s education.

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Farazee Asif

Podcast #38

Fika Chat with Farazee Asif, awarded KTH Pedagogical prize 2023

Farazee Asif has been a teacher at KTH for almost 15 years and has, among other things, been involved in developing and running the course Circular Manufacturing System . For this work, he was awarded KTH's pedagogical prize 2023. The course has several features that makes it unique in its kind, including combining theory and practice in a framework in a pedagogical and useful way that is appreciated by the students.

Spotify #38  / KTH Play #38

“Students' ideas can become spin-off companies” (interview with Asif 12 December 2023)

KTH Pedagogical Prize

Asif's profile

Sören Östlund

Podcast #37

Fika chat about CDIO, a global framework for engineering education

Around the turn of the millennium, KTH was one of the initiators of the now global framework for engineering education called CDIO. Someone who has been involved from the beginning is KTH professor Sören Östlund. In this podcast, Sören talks about the background to CDIO, what it is and, perhaps above all, what it has meant and means for engineering education at KTH. 

Spotify #37  / KTH Play #37

Sören's profile

CDIO's website

Anders Söderholm in Zoom

Podcast #36

Fika Chat with KTH's President Anders Söderholm

Based on six criteria, KTH's education will be developed and renewed. The vision that KTH will take a leadership role in the transition to a sustainable society will also be reflected in the education offered. This was established in a policy decision (Swedish)  by the President 10 April, but what does it mean and what is the background to these six criteria? KTH's President Anders explains all in this episode.

Spotify #36  / KTH Play #36

KTH's President Anders Söderholm

Anders' blog