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The podcast "Fika Chat on the Future of Education"

Johan Fridell chats with guests from or outside KTH about the future of education in general and the change programme, "Future Education at KTH" in particular. Welcome with questions and thoughts in the Zoom chat every Wednesday from 15:00 to 15:30.

Anders Söderholm in Zoom

Podcast #36

Fika Chat with KTH's President Anders Söderholm

Based on six criteria, KTH's education will be developed and renewed. The vision that KTH will take a leadership role in the transition to a sustainable society will also be reflected in the education offered. This was established in a policy decision by the President 10 April, but what does it mean and what is the background to these six criteria? KTH's President Anders explains all in this episode.

Spotify #36  / KTH Play #36

KTH's President Anders Söderholm

Anders' blog

Previous episodes

KTH Play

Each episode is subtitled in KTH Play  (first by machine, and after some time, corrected manually). If you want to print the text file, you can find the transcribe function by clicking the icon at the top right of the video view.




Episodes in English

Most podcast episodes are in Swedish, but the episodes in English are listed below. In KTH Play, you find the recorded episodes with subtitles.

Educational development – best practice and faculty recognition and rewards

Johan Fridell and Joakim Lilliesköld meet Dr Ruth Graham for a conversation about her research within the field of educational development and the importance of faculty recognition and rewards.

KTH Play #09 Fikasnack with Dr Ruth Graham / Spotify #09

Future engineering programmes at TU/e

Johan Fridell and Joakim Lilliesköld chats with Ines Lopez Arteaga from TU/e, with whom KTH has an exchange of knowledge. KTH's Board of Education visited Eindhoven in the spring of 2022, and just recently, a delegation from Eindhoven visited KTH. As dean of the Bachelor College at TU/e, Ines Lopez Arteaga leads development work for the future of engineering education at TU/e.

KTH Play #07 Fikasnack with Ines Lopez Arteaga / Spotify #07

How to take learning out of the classroom

In this episode Johan Fridell (pod host) and Joakim Lilliesköld (Programme Manager for The Future of Education at KTH) meet Luigia Brandimarte who was awarded the KTH Pedagogical Prize 2022. Welcome to a conversation about creative cross disciplined learning out of the classroom.

KTH Play #05 Fikasnack with Luigia Brandimarte / Spotify #05​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

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