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Future Education at KTH

Graph: The principle names (blue squares) grouped into onion-shaped areas (blue surrounding lines)

The framework for Future Education at KTH

Future Education at KTH is a change programme with a framework that will help us to be proactive and structure our development work of KTH's education based on a long-term holistic perspective.

The framework consists of 13 principles clustered in 5 areas.

Definitions of the principles


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Stefan Östlund in Zoom

Podcast #29

Fika chat with Stefan on the international dimension of programmes

Stefan Östlund, Vice President for International Relations, visited the podcast to discuss the international dimension of KTH's programmes. KTH is, and is aiming to continue to be, a leading global technical university in education. Stefan explained what that means and what components are included in that work.

Spotify #29  / KTH Play #29

Stefan's profile

Mikael Enelund in Zoom

Podcast #28

Fika chat with Mikael from Chalmers about the flexible education concept Tracks

Mikael Enelund leads Tracks, an educational concept at Chalmers that develops both learning and learning environments. Within the framework of Tracks, there are opportunities for individualised studies and collaboration between industry, society and academia. He visited the podcast to talk about the concept.

Spotify #28  / KTH Play #28

About Tracks (

Podcast #27

Fika Chat with Anita on developments in the bachelor degree project course

Anita Kullen is Associate Professor and responsible for the bachelor degree project course in the Electrical Engineering programme at EECS. For many years she has been responsible for the course and has developed it into a popular course among both students and teachers. In this episode Anita talks about developing the bachelor degree project course.

Spotify #27  / KTH Play #27

Students and supervisors like clarity and deadlines (interview from 26 January 2021)

Anita's profile

Torbjörn Gräslund
Torbjörn Gräslund, new Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) at KTH. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH

Meet Torbjörn Gräslund, new GA at CBH

Torbjörn Gräslund is a professor of medical protein technology, and his research focuses on designing proteins for medical applications. As of 1 January, this year, he is also the new Director of Firs...

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Several people standing up in a classroom

Storträffen meetup an element in the quality system at KTH

Teachers, staff, students, researchers and university management gathered in the Q-building for the Storträffen meetup for a day of dialogue and co-creation focusing on the heart of the academy – the ...

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Leif Handberg initiated the new internship course for engineering students at KTH.
Leif Handberg initiated the new internship course for engineering students at KTH.

New internship course gives students valuable experience

The course has the potential to impact not only the students' future but also KTH's reputation as a leading educational institution in engineering.

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Photo of Luigia Branidmarte. Female with dark hair and black polo.

KTH Pedagogical Prize 2022

Taking learning out of the classroom

Luigia Brandimarte was awarded KTH's pedagogical prize in 2022. By applying the concept of docendo discimus, i.e. by teaching, we learn, her students have been able to access exciting work placements, including in a project with Stockholm University of the Arts.

Photo of Tomas Ekholm.

KTH Pedagogical Prize 2022

He is praised for his great ability to create a good atmosphere in the lecture hall

Tomas Ekholm was awarded KTH's pedagogical prize in 2022. He is always well-prepared and believes that learning and teaching in the lecture hall is comparable to standing on a stage. It's about captivating the students, creating interest and telling a story.


The CDIO meeting logo


Summary of CDIO's meeting about the future of engineering education

In January 2024, KTH hosted CDIO's regional meeting focusing on the future of engineering education. Read a summary of the day's discussions and main takeaways.

Main takeaways from the CDIO meeting

Man in a jacket is giving a speech.


Engineering Education Education Futures: How will AI & ML transform higher education?

"He exaggerated a little," said an audience member after Professor Arnold Pear's end note at SoTL 2023. Arnold talked about, among other things, individualised learning experiences and how campus institutions must rethink their resources. Do you agree?

Screenshot: Education support start page. "Education" in menu marked with yellow circle.

Web resources

Education support on the Intranet

Via the "Education" mega menu on the intranet, you will find web pages that collect support resources for teachers and administrators, everything from design tips, manuals and process descriptions to news and support activities.

About these web pages

English translations of web pages may take some time.

Remember that many links on this start page lead to other parts of KTH's website. In particular, we publish more formal decisions, organisation and plans of the programme on the intranet entry for "Organisation and Regulations": Change programme for Future Education at KTH .

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