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Future Education at KTH

Graph: The principle names (blue squares) grouped into onion-shaped areas (blue surrounding lines)

The framework for Future Education at KTH

Future Education at KTH is a change programme with a framework that will help us to be proactive and structure our development work of KTH's education based on a long-term holistic perspective.

The framework consists of 13 principles clustered in 5 areas.

Definitions of the principles


Read about the Fika Chat Podcast and find more previous episodes

Lars Strannegårs

Podcast #39

Fika Chat with Lars Strannegård on changes to admission rules

KTH admits students in different selection groups, the most common of which are via upper secondary school grades or via results of the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test. As an authority, KTH does not have much freedom to change the rules for this. The Stockholm School of Economics is a privately owned university and therefore has greater freedom to design its admission rules. They are now going to utilise this by setting different requirements for student applicants, which Lars talks about in this episode.

Spotify #39  / KTH Play #39

Lars' profile (

Debate article in DN about changed admission rules at the Stockholm School of Economics (

Nyhetsartikel i DN om Handelshögskolans skärpta krav vid antagning (

Farazee Asif

Podcast #38

Fika Chat with Farazee Asif, awarded KTH Pedagogical prize 2023

Farazee Asif has been a teacher at KTH for almost 15 years and has, among other things, been involved in developing and running the course Circular Manufacturing System . For this work, he was awarded KTH's pedagogical prize 2023. The course has several features that makes it unique in its kind, including combining theory and practice in a framework in a pedagogical and useful way that is appreciated by the students.

Spotify #38  / KTH Play #38

“Students' ideas can become spin-off companies” (interview with Asif 12 December 2023)

KTH Pedagogical Prize

Asif's profile

Sören Östlund

Podcast #37

Fika chat about CDIO, a global framework for engineering education

Around the turn of the millennium, KTH was one of the initiators of the now global framework for engineering education called CDIO. Someone who has been involved from the beginning is KTH professor Sören Östlund. In this podcast, Sören talks about the background to CDIO, what it is and, perhaps above all, what it has meant and means for engineering education at KTH. 

Spotify #37  / KTH Play #37

Sören's profile

CDIO's website


What are the hallmarks of a state-of-the-art engineering education?

Which universities offer post-pandemic state-of-the-art engineering education? What positive effects did the pandemic have on teaching, and what challenges need to be dealt with by a university with a...

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A person is writing on a post-it in front of a wall is covered with post-its in different colors.

KTH is introducing a new system for course evaluation and course analysis by HT24

To strengthen and facilitate course evaluation and course analysis, KTH is introducing a new system with a higher degree of automation. The new system will be integrated into Canvas and tested during ...

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Torbjörn Gräslund
Torbjörn Gräslund, new Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) at KTH. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH

Meet Torbjörn Gräslund, new GA at CBH

Torbjörn Gräslund is a professor of medical protein technology, and his research focuses on designing proteins for medical applications. As of 1 January, this year, he is also the new Director of Firs...

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Photo: Farazee is leaning against the fence with the lab in the background.

Keynote Storträff May 2024

Farazee Asif

Farazee Asif , associate professor and docent in circular manufacturing systems at the School of Industrial Technology and Management (ITM), was awarded KTH's pedagogical prize in 2023. At the Storträffen on 14 May 2024 , he will talk about his student-centred and flexible learning methods in the the course MG2043 Circular Manufacturing Systems (CMS) .

Listen to Farazee's Fika Chat podcast live on 15 May at 15:00 . Welcome with questions in the Zoom chat.

Read article: “Students' ideas can become spin-off companies”

Keynote Storträffen Meetup Dec 2023

Tomas Ekholm

Tomas Ekholm , associate professor in mathematics at the School of Engineering Science (SCI), was awarded KTH's pedagogical prize in 2022. In his keynote at Storträffen Meetup December 2023 , Tomas shared his thoughts (in Swedish) on teaching; he talked about time, driving forces for knowledge formation, opportunities for success and the meeting with the students (lecture time).

Listen to Tomas' Fika Chat podcast (in Swedish) Spotify#3 / KTH Play#3

Read article: "I might prepare a lecture a year in advance"

Key note Storträffen Meetup May 2023

Luigia Brandimarte

Luigia Brandimarte  is an associate professor and docent in Hydraulic Engineering at the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering (ABE), was awarded KTH's pedagogical prize in 2022. In her keynote at Storträffen Meetup May 2023  she shared her thoughts on cross-border education to prepare tomorrow's engineers to handle wicked problems.

Listen to Luigia's Fika Chat podcast Spotify#5 / KTH Play#5

Read article: "Taking learning out of the classroom"


Photo of Mats Magnusson

Blog post

Change of weather, change of KTH

Mats Magnusson  is Deputy Head of School and Director of Third Cycle Education (FA) at the School of Industrial Technology and Management (ITM). His blog post on the theme of change gives a current picture that characterises everyday life for many of us today at KTH.

Change of weather, change of KTH

Man in a jacket is giving a speech.


Engineering Education Education Futures: How will AI & ML transform higher education?

"He exaggerated a little," said an audience member after Professor Arnold Pear's end note at SoTL 2023. Arnold talked about, among other things, individualised learning experiences and how campus institutions must rethink their resources. Do you agree?

The CDIO meeting logo


Summary of CDIO's meeting about the future of engineering education

In January 2024, KTH hosted CDIO's regional meeting focusing on the future of engineering education. Read a summary of the day's discussions and main takeaways.

Main takeaways from the CDIO meeting


White text on blue background: For you who teaches – Centre for university teacher training.


Current Research in Higher Education Pedagogy

Current Research in Higher Education Pedagogy is the newsletter that shares new research on teaching and learning in higher education in an easily accessible way. Some articles are in English.

See the latest articles and subscribe (Swedish,

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Web resources

Education support on the Intranet

Via the "Education" mega menu on the intranet, you will find web pages that collect support resources for teachers and administrators, everything from design tips, manuals and process descriptions to news and support activities.

About these web pages

English translations of web pages may take some time.

Remember that many links on this start page lead to other parts of KTH's website. In particular, we publish more formal decisions, organisation and plans of the programme on the intranet entry for "Organisation and Regulations": Change programme for Future Education at KTH .