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Programme management for Future Education at KTH

The change programme Future Education at KTH is led and coordinated at the KTH-wide level by programme management. A coordinator and a communicator support the programme management.

Programme management tasks

According to the decision, the duties of the programme managers are mainly to:

  • Lead the Future Education programme;
  • Organise cooperation;
  • Facilitate experience exchange, learning and value-creation activities within the programme;
  • Propose and anchor proposals for pilot projects and school-wide initiatives within the programme;
  • Follow up pilot projects and ventures and their development within the programme;
  • Identify the need for change in KTH's governing document based on the results obtained;
  • Communicate the programme and its development internally and externally.

Decision on programme management for Future Education (V-2022-0716)

Programme management

According to the university director's decision, the programme managers' assignments apply from 1 December, 2022, until 30 June 30, 2025, at the latest. The programme manager's duties amount to 50% full-time and the assistant programme managers' duties to 10% full-time.

Programme manager

Joakim Lilliesköld
Joakim Lilliesköld
associate professor +4687906869

Vice programme managers

Support to program management

During the spring of 2023, supporting the programme leaders and the organization amounts to a certain percentage of full-time. The goal is that by the fall of 2023, it should be able to amount to full-time.

Programme coordinator

Programme communicator

Sofie Kim
Sofie Kim
communications officer, web +4687909877
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