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News – Future Education at KTH

  • What are the hallmarks of a state-of-the-art engineering education?

    Published Apr 03, 2024

    Which universities offer post-pandemic state-of-the-art engineering education? What positive effects did the pandemic have on teaching, and what challenges need to be dealt with by a university with a...

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  • KTH is introducing a new system for course evaluation and course analysis by HT24

    A person is writing on a post-it in front of a wall is covered with post-its in different colors.
    Published Feb 26, 2024

    To strengthen and facilitate course evaluation and course analysis, KTH is introducing a new system with a higher degree of automation. The new system will be integrated into Canvas and tested during ...

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  • Programme redesigned to meet tomorrow's challenges

    Portrait of Carlos Casanueva
    Carlos Casanueva, Foto: privat
    Published Jan 29, 2024

    Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering at KTH is more than just a vehicle and transport programme. It prepares students to meet and manage future societal challenges, which requires a review of the curr...

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  • Meet Torbjörn Gräslund, new GA at CBH

    Torbjörn Gräslund
    Torbjörn Gräslund, new Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) at KTH. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Jan 17, 2024

    Torbjörn Gräslund is a professor of medical protein technology, and his research focuses on designing proteins for medical applications. As of 1 January, this year, he is also the new Director of Firs...

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  • New guideline for quality work is ready

    Students sitting and listening to a lecture
    Teachers and Programme Directors at KTH have more room to conduct development work. Previously, Programme Directors were required to carry out an annual programme analysis, which is now changed to every two years. This is stated in the new guidelines for systematic quality work in education. Photo: Jann Lipka
    Published Jan 08, 2024

    An extensive task of upgrading KTH's quality work is now completed. The decision on a new guideline for systematic quality work in education was made at the President's decision meeting on 12 December...

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  • New engineering programme focuses on industry collaboration and collective intelligence

    people sitting around a table, and standing up. One man poiting at a screen.
    Parts of the team behind the new programme: Standing from left: Kenneth Duvefelt, Andrew Martin, Carina Brunn, Noureddine Khayi, and Bengt Wittgren. Sitting from left: Carina Kjörling, Anders Eliasson, and Gabriel Montgomery (project manager for TINTE in Future Education). Image: Private.
    Published Dec 12, 2023

    KTH launches a new Bachelor of Science in Engineering programme called Industrial Engineering. With admissions starting in the autumn of 2024, a guiding principle throughout the programme will be to c...

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  • Storträffen meetup an element in the quality system at KTH

    Several people standing up in a classroom
    Published Dec 08, 2023

    Teachers, staff, students, researchers and university management gathered in the Q-building for the Storträffen meetup for a day of dialogue and co-creation focusing on the heart of the academy – the ...

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  • New internship course gives students valuable experience

    Leif Handberg initiated the new internship course for engineering students at KTH.
    Leif Handberg initiated the new internship course for engineering students at KTH.
    Published Oct 17, 2023

    The course has the potential to impact not only the students' future but also KTH's reputation as a leading educational institution in engineering.

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  • “The best part is when students really want to understand and when they succeed in their studies”

    Anders, Svante and Katarina. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Oct 04, 2023

    On 5 October, we celebrate World Teachers' Day. It's not news that education and knowledge are important drivers of social development. But many teachers work quietly and do a fantastic job of teachin...

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  • "It made me realise how much is in our hands”

    Published Oct 04, 2023

    At KTH, we have devoted teachers who go above and beyond daily to inspire, educate, and mentor the next generation of engineers, scientists, and innovators. Listen to what a few say about moments sign...

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  • Lifelong Learning at EECS – Now and later

    Patrik Hilber is Deputy GA and responsible for Lifelong Learning at EECS.
    Published Sep 22, 2023

    Tackling teachers' greatest fears, recognising our strengths, and a strong internal commitment is Patrik Hilber's recipe for shaping the future of lifelong learning. This article provides insight into...

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  • New master’s programme for mechatronics

    Two men looking at car prototype and a computer screen.
    The subject Mechatronics will have its own master's programme from 2024.
    Published Sep 20, 2023

    A new master's programme will soon see the light of day at KTH. With digitalization, mechatronics forms the basis for an increasing part of the technology areas in society. The master's program in mec...

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  • Lena Gumaelius appointed as the new manager of the KTH Global Development Hub

    Lena Gumelius leaning against a KTH building
    Published Sep 19, 2023

    Lena Gumaelius has recently been appointed as the new manager of KTH's Global Development Hub (GDH). This is an initiative created at KTH to promote education and innovation in a global context. The m...

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  • Six SCI-projects that make a difference

    Published Aug 30, 2023

    SCI is kicking-off six projects this autumn, covering a wide range of topics that are aligned with many of the thirteen principles of the Future Education programme. The school is committed to evolve ...

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  • Dr. Ruth Graham visits KTH – future engineering education and academic career development in focus

    Photo: Ruth Graham
    Published Aug 16, 2023

    Join Ruth Graham, a renowned educator and consultant in higher education, who will hold two seminars and a Fika Chat podcast during her visit to KTH.

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  • "We should complement each other" GA on Future Education and CBH's project

    Mats Nilsson,” Director of First and Second Cycle Education at the CBH school, together with Torbjörn Gräslund and Karin Odelius. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH.
    Published May 31, 2023

    KTH's education programmes must also be relevant in the future – that is what the program Future Education is all about. “The fact that things work well today does not mean that they will work well i...

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  • "Grand meeting for grand challenges" – focus on AI and wicked problems at Storträffen meet up.

    Collage of people at the storträffen meet up
    Published May 30, 2023

    KTH has a long history of educational development and development of our research and collaboration. We have an important time ahead of us to realise the education of the future. How can we get better...

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  • Summary of projects starting in 2023 for the future of education at KTH

    Pink+green post-its on 13 dark blue text boxes, clustered in 5 onion-shaped areas A-E.
    The projects' primary mapping to the framework's areas/principles. Pink projects are initiated by the programme Future Education at KTH and carried out by the schools. Green projects by other organisational entities within KTH or related to KTH.
    Published May 10, 2023

    Future Education projects starting in 2023 are carried out by KTH schools or other organisational units within, or related to, KTH. Three major themes can be identified: programme development, sustain...

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  • Future education projects at SCI

    Illustration of students connected to a machine by wires. The machine looks like a mill.
    The teachers at the SCI school have always been creative in finding new educational methods. This is one of many examples :-)
    Published May 01, 2023

    During the Spring we have discussed, with department directors of studies and programme directors, ideas for development projects that can start in 2023 as part of the Future Education development pro...

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  • Inspiration, collaboration, and synergy set the tone for the programme's first project conference

    Word cloud in Swedish. For English, see "Participants' expectations" at the end of the article.
    Published Apr 17, 2023

    The programme management for Future Education had invited KTH's management team and the schools' Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) and deputy GA to discuss proposals for projects that...

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