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Arenas for Educational Development and Networking

Opportunities for KTH teachers, staff and students to participate in networking around various issues related to education at first, second and third cycle are of high value. These sections share the KTH overall arenas for this.
For academic leaders, there are special networks for exchange of experience and collaborations on educational development.

KTH-Wide Arenas for Education Development

Name Description
Storträffen Meetups and Prioritized Educational Issues (PriU) Groups

Once a semester, the Vice President for Education invites staff and student representatives to the Storträffen Meetup, where priority issues for education at KTH are discussed. Through collegial working groups (PriU groups) you can actively participate in and drive development ideas in specific areas.

Open Educational Forum Since period 4 2020, open network meet ups via Zoom have been organized, open for everyone at KTH. They focus on issues of current interest, such as exchange of experience on the digitization of teaching and assessment. From 2022, the Open Educational Forum is inactive, but it will be restarted when there is a need for it.

Program Directors' Network on 1st and 2nd cycle

The PA network aims to stimulate innovation in educational development at the program level.
Directors of Studies (SR) Network SR is an informal network where KTH's directors of studies on 1st and 2nd cycle exchange experiences, discuss common questions and share information

Conference: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Every second year, KTH organizes an internal conference for KTH teachers, students and staff where evaluation and research studies on various aspects of teaching and learning at KTH are shared.

Read more about the SoTL method and the next KTH SoTL conference


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