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Storträffen Meetup and Prioritised Educational Issues (PriU) Groups

To strengthening the collaboration, experience exchange and the continuous improvement of education at KTH, "Storträffen Meetup" and Prioritised Educational Issues (PriU) groups have been developed during the latest years, and are open for all at KTH, whether you are a teacher, researcher, staff or student on 1st-3rd cycle. The Storträffen Meetups happen once per semester, while the PriU-groups meet throughout the year.

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"Storträffen Meetup" on education for all at KTH at the end of each semester

The Stortäffen Meetups are convened by Leif Kari, the vice president of education, once per semester. Many current and prioritized topics are discussed. All at KTH are welcome, and the following functions/roles are actively involved:

  • Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (GA)

  • Programme Directors (PA)

  • Directors of Education Administration (UA)

  • Educational Developers

  • Directors of Studies (SR)

  • KTH Management

  • Student Union (THS)

  • Participants from the University Administration

Next storträffen meetups will be

The invitation will go out about one month before the meeting via email and the schools' newsletters.

Working groups for Prioritised Educational Issues (PriU)

PriU groups are cross-school and cross-functional working groups that have been formed based on thematic development areas. 

Current themes

  • Formative and summative assessment methods

  • Broadened recruitment and participation

  • Future learning environments, scheduling and planning

  • Digitalization (of the education and learning environments, and of the integration of digital competence in the education)

  • Sustainable development in education

  • Gender, diversity and equal opportunities (JML) perspective 

  • Student perspective and influence

  • KTH teachers' lifelong learning


If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the coordinators:

Anna-Karin Högfeldt
Anna-Karin Högfeldt
head of unit +4687907259
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