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Storträffen meet up 2024: Promoting relevance and quality in education at KTH.

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Published May 15, 2024

Storträffen meetup spring semester 2024 provided a platform for lively discussions and knowledge sharing among participants from many different backgrounds. 33 different topics related to education were discussed in three rounds and filled all the classrooms of the Q building. Here is the summary of the Storträffen meetup, including videos.

Sofia Ritzén

Opening of the Storträffen meetup

Sofia Ritzén , Dean of Faculty at KTH, opened the Storträffen meetup with a warm welcome, highlighting its growing importance within KTH. Noting the evolving landscape of leadership and programme content, she emphasised the event's vital role in shaping KTH's educational development.

The overarching theme of Promoting Relevance and Quality in Education echoed throughout the event. Discussions included for example innovative pedagogical approaches, student engagement strategies and the integration of sustainability principles into the curriculum.

Mikael Lindström , Deputy President of KTH, praised the university's achievements and emphasised the importance of collaboration with industry partners. He outlined KTH's strategic initiatives to address societal challenges and educate future leaders capable of driving sustainable change.

Farazee Asif

Keynote Farazee Asif

Farazee Asif , the recipient of the KTH Pedagogical Prize 2023, gave a keynote speech focusing on his personal journey, teaching experiences and perspectives on education. He began by expressing his gratitude for the recognition and shared that he would not be lecturing on pedagogy, but rather offering insights into his teaching approach. Asif spoke about his upbringing in Bangladesh, emphasising the societal pressures and the educational system's focus on grades rather than understanding. He recounted his early experiences of teaching, starting at the age of nine, and his decision to pursue an academic career at 18 after being exposed to a more open academic environment.

The keynote also covered Asif's teaching focus on circular economy principles in manufacturing systems, highlighting the unique aspects of the course he teaches at KTH. He emphasised the course's theoretical foundation, developed through collaborative research, and its practical application in seminars and project work. Asif concluded by advocating student empowerment and self-learning in education.

Interview with Asif: “Students' ideas can become spin-off companies”

Gabriel Montgomery
Gabriel Montgomery, Lecturer at ITM

Future education at KTH

Future Education at KTH is a change programme with a framework that will help us to be proactive and structure our development work of KTH's education based on a long-term holistic perspective. The framework consists of 13 principles clustered in 5 areas.

Future education at KTH

The first round of projects within KTH's development programme, Future Education at KTH, is being finalised, and we can take part in, lessons learned, and opportunities. Posters of all the projects in the first round were shown.

Future Education's Project batch for 2023

Ring bell

Summary, reflection and conclusion

With a strong focus on inclusivity and student participation, the Storträffen meetup demonstrated KTH's commitment to excellence in education and its role as a driver of positive societal change.

Summary of the discussions att Storträffen meetup (pdf 158 kB) .

Between the recurring Storträffen meetups, issues concerning educational development can be discussed in KTH's so-called PriU groups , which are open to both teachers, administrative staff, and students.