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"Grand meeting for grand challenges" – focus on AI and wicked problems at Storträffen meet up.

Summary of the Spring 2023 Storträffen meet up

Collage of people at the storträffen meet up
Published May 30, 2023

KTH has a long history of educational development and development of our research and collaboration. We have an important time ahead of us to realise the education of the future. How can we get better at doing this - and do it together, as teachers, researchers, administrators, students, external stakeholders and other partners.

A great atmosphere filled the classrooms and lecture halls of Q house at KTH during the Storträffen meet up. The gathering brought together faculty, staff, and students, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. The event featured a captivating keynote by one of the pedagogical prize winners Luigia Brandemarte, workshops, interactive demos and insightful round table discussions.

Leif Kari vice president for education opens the Storträffen meet up 

Artificial Intelligence

Attendees had the opportunity to delve into emerging pedagogical practices about AI especially about AI and exams. The talks explored the integration of artificial intelligence in assessment processes, including automated grading and personalized feedback. Participants emphasized the potential for AI to enhance exam efficiency, fairness, and educational outcomes, sparking new avenues for research and implementation. You can read more about generative AI and how it can affect you as a teacher here

Generative AI – how will it affect you as a teacher?

Wicked problems

Wicked problems, complex and multifaceted challenges, are increasingly capturing the attention at KTH. Unlike straightforward problems with clear solutions, wicked problems are characterized by their interconnectedness, uncertainty, and the presence of diverse perspectives. Climate change, poverty, and healthcare access are prime examples. Tackling these issues requires innovative and collaborative approaches. It demands holistic thinking, long-term planning, and continuous adaptation. Wicked problems necessitate collective engagement, involving stakeholders from various sectors to develop sustainable and effective solutions.

Luigia Brandimarte, an esteemed Associate Professor and Docent in Hydraulic Engineering at KTH, talks about her groundbreaking teaching approaches on the way she embraces innovation and cross-disciplinary methods.

Luigia Brandimarte - Crossover borders presentation

Future Education at KTH

Per Fagrell, Project Coordinator for the Future Education programme, briefly presented the latest updates on the programme's activities. In addition to mentioning the Fikasnack podcast , he showed a summary of how the projects, which the schools and other organisations at KTH will start in 2023, were mapped to the programme's framework.

Read more about the overview of the projects here

Future Education programme presents lates updates

Sofia Ritzén (Dean of faculty ) on why the Storträffen meet up is a good starting platform for dealing with wicked problems

Can Storträffen meet up help us meet the big challenges/wicked problems? asked Dean Sofia Ritzén. She listed a checklist on how Storträffen meet up fulfils the conditions for working with wicked problems:

  • Meet other people from different disciplines
  • Learn to work without having all the facts/investigate without knowing where we are going (difficult as a researcher).
  • Challenge our mindset/comfort zone - where Sofia also challenged the Storträffen meet up to help us go outside the comfort zone even more.

Sofia also challenged the Storträffen meet up to help us go outside the comfort zone even more. She also highlighted that Luigia addressed that we should not go in to find the technical solution before we have identified the problem.

In conclusion, Sofia Ritzén noted that the Storträffen meet up serves as a platform to exchange ideas, share best practices and inspire each other to further KTH's mission of delivering high-quality education and solutions that can help us create a more effective and sustainable teaching and learning culture for the future.

Sofia Ritzén – Storträffen Meetup: A grand meeting for grand challenges

Summary from the round table discussions and end note from Leif Kari and Anna-Karin Högfeldt

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