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A change programme for Future Education at KTH

KTH's work in developing educational activities has now been given a direction in a change programme for future education. The programme's work is structured in a framework consisting of 13 principles.

Information about the organisation and management of the development programme Future Education will be published here.


Decision on programme management for Future Education (V-2022-0716)

Decision on principles for Future Education at KTH (V-2022-0380)


The programme is led and coordinated at the KTH-wide level by a programme management. A coordinator and a communicator support the programme management.

Programme management for Future Education at KTH


Several tasks in KTH's operational plan for 2023–2025 link to several of the framework principles. The operational plan is only available in Swedish.

Parts of the KTH's operational plan 2023–2025 (Swedish)

Graph in blue/white. Within layers of an onion shape, the principle's names are clustered in areas.

Co-create the Future Education at KTH

Future Education at KTH  is a change programme with a framework that will help us to be proactive and structure our development work of KTH's education based on a long-term holistic perspective. The framework consists of 13 principles clustered in 5 areas.

We hope that you, as a teacher, employee or student, want to contribute to the framework by sharing various perspectives and new ideas.

I want to co-create the framework

The articles of below news are published on the Education Support pages on the Intranet.

Photo: Joakim smiling in white shirt and grey jacket.
Photo: Petter Wallebo

Joakim Lilliesköld to take on new role

Joakim Lilliesköld explains here why he is ending the programme manager assignment earlier than planned, what it means for KTH and the change programme, and what is happening now with the programme ma...

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Illustration: To get across the water, some have started building a bridge, others a tunnel.
Communication is vital to avoiding sub-optimisation, finding synergies, coordinating initiatives, and promoting collaboration. Illustration: Henrik Kniberg.

Wanted: new Programme Manager for Future Education at KTH

KTH is looking for a new Programme Manager for the change programme Future Education at KTH. The current Programme Manager, Joakim Lilliesköld, must resign from the assignment earlier than planned.

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Portrait photo: a blond woman wearing a blue jacket in front of a light curtain.
Dean Sofia Ritzén. Photo: KTH.

The new faculty organisation takes shape

Hello Sofia Ritzén, Dean of Faculty and Chair of the Faculty Council. The schools' faculty boards started their work at the turn of the year. How are they doing?

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