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News – education support

  • Educational programmes renewed for the future

    A student and a teacher in front of a big screen.
    The educational programmes at KTH will be renewed in the long term.
    Published Apr 16, 2024

    KTH's education will be developed and renewed, based on six fundamental criteria. The educational offerings will also reflect the vision of KTH taking a leadership role in the transition to a sustaina...

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  • Registration and voting is open for the Storträffen Meetup VT-24

    A group of people discussing around tables
    Published Apr 15, 2024

    Registration and voting is now open for the spring semester's Storträffen meet up - Promoting relevance and quality in education at KTH. This meeting is mainly in English. Tuesday 14th May, Time: 12:...

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  • Mandatory introductory training in Canvas for new employees

    Published Apr 03, 2024

    Starting from the autumn semester of 2024, it is mandatory for new employees at KTH to attend an introductory training on the learning platform Canvas. The training is called Canvas@KTH and is a digit...

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  • KTH Digicertus Exam – Writing time settings

    Published Mar 05, 2024

    If you plan to examine your students using a digital exam and Canvas, it is important to know it is not possible to extend the writing time in Canvas during an ongoing exam. Therefore, when planning y...

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  • KTH is introducing a new system for course evaluation and course analysis by HT24

    A person is writing on a post-it in front of a wall is covered with post-its in different colors.
    Published Feb 26, 2024

    To strengthen and facilitate course evaluation and course analysis, KTH is introducing a new system with a higher degree of automation. The new system will be integrated into Canvas and tested during ...

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  • Sign up for the autumn higher education pedagogy courses before 31 May!

    A group of adults looking at someone
    Published Feb 09, 2024

    All courses in higher education pedagogy are developed according to SUHF's recommendations for qualifying higher education pedagogical education and can be included in the requirement of 15 credits in...

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  • The classroom gardener

    Pär Jönsson at the black board in a class room.
    While he holds the position of Head of the ITM school, Pär Jönsson's true roots are firmly planted in the classroom. Photo: Anna Gullers
    Published Jan 23, 2024

    Combining the philosophy of gardening with a touch of classroom magic, Pär Jönsson has recently been honored as the 'Teacher of the Year' at KTH. We sat down with the Head of the ITM school, who not o...

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  • New guideline for quality work is ready

    Students sitting and listening to a lecture
    Teachers and Programme Directors at KTH have more room to conduct development work. Previously, Programme Directors were required to carry out an annual programme analysis, which is now changed to every two years. This is stated in the new guidelines for systematic quality work in education. Photo: Jann Lipka
    Published Jan 08, 2024

    An extensive task of upgrading KTH's quality work is now completed. The decision on a new guideline for systematic quality work in education was made at the President's decision meeting on 12 December...

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  • New engineering programme focuses on industry collaboration and collective intelligence

    people sitting around a table, and standing up. One man poiting at a screen.
    Parts of the team behind the new programme: Standing from left: Kenneth Duvefelt, Andrew Martin, Carina Brunn, Noureddine Khayi, and Bengt Wittgren. Sitting from left: Carina Kjörling, Anders Eliasson, and Gabriel Montgomery (project manager for TINTE in Future Education). Image: Private.
    Published Dec 12, 2023

    KTH launches a new Bachelor of Science in Engineering programme called Industrial Engineering. With admissions starting in the autumn of 2024, a guiding principle throughout the programme will be to c...

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  • Storträffen meetup an element in the quality system at KTH

    Several people standing up in a classroom
    Published Dec 08, 2023

    Teachers, staff, students, researchers and university management gathered in the Q-building for the Storträffen meetup for a day of dialogue and co-creation focusing on the heart of the academy – the ...

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  • Workshops and drop-in from E-learning VT 2024

    Published Dec 06, 2023

    We have updated our calendar for workshops, drop-in and Lunch 'n' Learn. Read about the activities that E-learning will hold during the spring semester 2024.

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  • E-learning support during Christmas, New Year and the start of the semester 2024

    Published Dec 05, 2023

    During Christmas and New Year, you can email E-learning as usual; our response times are normal. In connection with the start of the semester in January, we hold two workshops and two drop-ins. We als...

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  • KTH E-learning demo autumn 2023

    Published Nov 24, 2023

    Are you curious about the latest changes to KTH's digital learning environment in the past six months? In the recording from the E-learning demo for autumn 2023, you can hear more about updates to KTH...

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  • This is the support for anonymous examination spring semester 2024

    Published Nov 24, 2023

    The support applies to functions for anonymisation in Canvas and routines for anonymous written examination. The functions for anonymous grading in Canvas and Möbius described in the user support can ...

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  • KTH Digicertus Exam: new way to place an order

    Published Nov 20, 2023

    From 1 December 2023, orders for KTH Digicertus Exam must be made through a form. Orders are primarily made by exam administrators. There are also fixed dates for when orders must be made before the r...

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  • Registration and voting is open for the autumn term's Storträffen Meet up.

    Students working together in a group
    Published Nov 09, 2023

    Registration and voting is now open for the autumn semester's Storträffen Meet up - Student in the centre. This meeting is mainly in Swedish. Monday 4 Dec, Time:12.30-16.30

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  • Support for working with Generative AI

    Published Nov 09, 2023

    Generative AI tools, examples of which include ChatGPT, Google Bard, and DALL-E, have become quite popular in the past year. In order to approach their use ethically and legally, there are guidelines ...

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  • New Stockholm trio advanced education courses in spring 2024 at KI for KTH teachers

    A laptop on top of a pile of books
    Photo: Pixabay
    Published Nov 07, 2023

    A special agreement applies to advanced education courses within the Stockholm Trio University Alliance, which means that teachers at the three universities have the opportunity to participate in each...

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  • Canvas@KTH will be updated on November 17th

    Published Nov 02, 2023

    Soon, Canvas@KTH will be updated to better fit in with teachers' use of Canvas. The course will function as before but with updated content. In the new version, there are learning objectives for the c...

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  • Vote on improvements to Canvas until November 15

    Published Oct 30, 2023

    Do you want to influence the development of Canvas in the coming six months? In that case, you can vote on various proposed improvements until November 15. The only requirement is that you have a Canv...

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