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  • Promoting learning and preventing cheating

    Published May 22, 2023

    How can teachers, students and institutions take measures to prevent cheating and, at the same time, promote learning? Viggo Kann and Camilla Björn from the School of Electrical Engineering and Comput...

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  • Summary of projects starting in 2023 for the future of education at KTH

    Pink+green post-its on 13 dark blue text boxes, clustered in 5 onion-shaped areas A-E.
    The projects' primary mapping to the framework's areas/principles. Pink projects are initiated by the programme Future Education at KTH and carried out by the schools. Green projects by other organisational entities within KTH or related to KTH.
    Published May 10, 2023

    Future Education projects starting in 2023 are carried out by KTH schools or other organisational units within, or related to, KTH. Three major themes can be identified: programme development, sustain...

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  • Future education projects at SCI

    Illustration of students connected to a machine by wires. The machine looks like a mill.
    The teachers at the SCI school have always been creative in finding new educational methods. This is one of many examples :-)
    Published May 01, 2023

    During the Spring we have discussed, with department directors of studies and programme directors, ideas for development projects that can start in 2023 as part of the Future Education development pro...

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  • New advanced education courses in spring 2023 at SU for KTH teachers

    Published Apr 28, 2023

    A special agreement applies to advanced education courses within the Stockholm Trio University Alliance, which means that teachers at the three universities have the opportunity to participate in each...

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  • About examination period 4 and re-exam period 3, spring 2023

    A hand writing on a paper and a keyboard to a laptop.
    Published Apr 27, 2023

    Here is a summary of information with reminders and tips on skills development and online resources for the spring 2023: exam period 4 (29/5–3/6 and 5/6) and the re-exam period 3 (7–9/6).

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  • New advanced education courses in autumn 2023 at Stockholm University for KTH teachers

    Teachers looking in a lecture room
    Published Apr 26, 2023

    A special agreement applies to advanced education courses within the Stockholm Trio University Alliance, which means that teachers at the three universities have the opportunity to participate in each...

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  • Registration open for the spring term Storträffen Meet up

    A human hand meets a machine
    Published Apr 25, 2023

    Registration is now open, for the spring term Storträffen Meet up - Developing Learning and a Culture of Learning in Times of AI and wicked Problems. This Storträffen meet up will be mainly in English...

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  • Inspiration, collaboration, and synergy set the tone for the programme's first project conference

    Word cloud in Swedish. For English, see "Participants' expectations" at the end of the article.
    Published Apr 17, 2023

    The programme management for Future Education had invited KTH's management team and the schools' Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) and deputy GA to discuss proposals for projects that...

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  • Updated report! - Promoting learning and preventing cheating

    A pencil on paper with math numbers
    Published Apr 17, 2023

    Different forms of examination from those to which teachers and examiners are accustomed and the impact of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT have meant that the issue of security against cheating in...

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  • The Personal menu is updated on 3/5

    Published Apr 14, 2023

    The Personal menu updates on May 3. The updates aim to make it easier to meet the needs of our various user groups.

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  • Sign up for the autumn higher education courses before 31 May!

    A group of adults looking at someone
    Published Mar 29, 2023

    All courses in higher education pedagogy are developed according to SUHF's recommendations for qualifying higher education pedagogical education and can be included in the requirement of 15 credits in...

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  • Vote on improvements to Canvas

    Published Mar 29, 2023

    Do you want to influence the development of Canvas in the coming six months? In that case, you can vote on various proposed improvements during a period in April. The only requirement is that you have...

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  • What does the President say about change and Future Education at KTH

    Published Mar 28, 2023

    KTH President Anders Söderholm in this introduction speech at the KTH SoTL 2023 conference talks about what we must reflect on and take action on for the future of education.

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  • KTH introduces programme rooms in Canvas in the autumn

    Published Mar 24, 2023

    In autumn KTH will work in a new way with programme communication. Programme rooms in Canvas will be introduced, and together with information on the Student Web, will replace the current programme we...

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  • See the programme management's first presentation at the Storträffen in autumn 2022

    Published Mar 22, 2023

    "A smörgåsbord to organise ourselves around" said Joakim Lilliesköld about the framework principles for the Future Education during the autumn's Storträff. Joakim, Anna Jerbrant and Gunnar Tibert are...

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  • Another KTH SoTL come and gone

    Published Mar 17, 2023

    160 participants attended the KTH SoTL 2023 conference all about Future learning. This year we also had participants from Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute sharing their research at the co...

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  • Rethinking the crisis

    Group photo of two women and three men who are smiling.
    From left to right: Joakim Lilliesköld, programme manager of Future Education at KTH, and Sofie Kim, programme communicator, Linda Barman, Department of Learning and moderator during this year's conference, Johan Flid Fridell, host of the podcast "Fikasnack about the education of the future", Per Fagrell, programme coordinator.
    Published Mar 15, 2023

    Running a major change program for educations at KTH in the shadow of savings requirements and high costs for premises may raise some questions. The answer, however, seems to be that forward-looking i...

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  • A Canvas template for lifelong learning courses is now available

    Published Mar 08, 2023

    E-learning has developed a template that is adapted for courses within the framework of lifelong learning. The template can be downloaded from Canvas Commons and contains, among other things, resource...

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  • Future education - what will it look like?

    Three persons on a balcony.
    Joakim Lilliesköld, Filip Axelsson and Anna Burvall with different perspectives on the future of education at KTH.
    Published Feb 28, 2023

    What will education at KTH look like in 10 years’ time? How can we make our programmes even more relevant and robust in global competition? Is there a pre-/post-pandemic factor when it comes to new wa...

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  • Open house: Test the technology in the Mini- and Maxistudio to record your educational videos

    Recording equipment on a desk between book shelves: 1 screen, keyboard, 2 speakers and lights.
    Published Feb 22, 2023

    Do you teach at KTH and want to get started with recording and publishing teaching videos or other digital educational material? Welcome to the Open House in the KTH Entré building to test the technol...

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