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  • Instructions for Abstract submission 2023

    Published Jun 16, 2022

    The KTH SoTL conference welcomes contributions of several formats. You can find instructions about the abstract process including important dates and deadlines, guidelines for abstracts and session fo...

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  • Upcoming update of the names of course and examination rooms and their sections in Canvas

    Published Jun 03, 2022

    Week 25, at the earliest, IT will make a minor name change on course and examination rooms in Canvas. Course rooms have the Ladok registration code in their names and examination rooms puts the course...

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  • Student stories: Experiences of pre-recorded video material in teaching

    Published Jun 03, 2022

    A Lunch 'n' Learn with a student panel on experiences of pre-recorded video material in teaching. The team for web conferencing, video and streaming (WVS) presents the technical and pedagogical suppor...

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  • How you can implement cognitive psychology to promote student learning

    Published May 30, 2022

    A Lunch ‘n’ Learn on how to implement research-based strategies from cognitive psychology. Learn more about retrieval practice and how it can be implemented in your course today. Marcus inspires thoug...

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  • About examination period 4 and re-examinations for P3 and P4, spring 2022

    Published May 10, 2022

    Here is a summary of information and reminders for the rest of the spring semester's examination periods in 2022; the examination period for P4 in May-June and the re-examinations for P3 in June and P...

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  • Digital accessibility: Currently and in the future at KTH

    Published May 09, 2022

    Documentation from Lunch ‘n’ Learn on digital accessibility with Jan Gulliksen and Stefan Johansson, PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. Why digital accessibility is important, what KTH has done so far...

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  • Panel discussion: How to plan the teaching session from your prerecorded video material?

    Published Apr 21, 2022

    A panel discussion was given on recorded lectures and how scheduled time can be designed from this condition. We discussed arranging the time, tools for interaction, participation, and aspects of a fl...

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  • No general extra re-examinations for period 2, 2021

    Published Mar 21, 2022

    The material KTH has analysed does not indicate that it will be necessary to offer extra examination opportunities for all courses that had exams on-campus during examination period 2. However, it may...

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  • How are you doing with your teaching and educational development, and how would you like it?

    Word cloud for the question “What three teaching / pedagogical methods would you like see more at KT
    Word cloud for the question “What three teaching / pedagogical methods would you like see more of at KTH? In the years 2016 and 2019.
    Published Mar 17, 2022

    How good are we at KTH and what should we do more of, or less of? Soon it will be time for the Pedagogical Survey 2022. The recurring Pedagogical Survey focuses on the climate and thoughts of teaching...

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  • The next SoTL conference is March 7, 2023

    KTH SoTL - Learning for the future
    Published Mar 15, 2022

    Future learning - learning for the future

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  • Panel discussion: Experiences from locked examination in computer rooms

    Published Mar 11, 2022

    At KTH, several courses have conducted examinations in computer rooms where the computers are locked down using the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). The lockdown is available in KTH's computer rooms with Wind...

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  • KTH E-learning "demo": learn more about and influence ongoing development projects

    Published Mar 07, 2022

    This is an opportunity for you interested in the various development projects linked to the digital learning environment at KTH. The E-learning management object at KTH will briefly present the result...

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  • Multi-university course projects – an example from KTH and UTokyo

    Published Feb 23, 2022

    During the webinar, Fredrik Lundell and Junichiro Shiomi presented a joint course activity between the University of Tokyo and KTH, where scaffolded projects were used in subject courses on fluid mech...

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  • About examination period 3 and re-examination for P2, spring 2022

    Published Feb 16, 2022

    The implementation of the exam period 3 spring semester 2022 (TP3 VT22) in March and re-examination for P2 in April, will continue according to KTH's scenario "LOW", even without pandemic restrictions...

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  • The most important news in Canvas ahead of P3 VT22

    Published Feb 01, 2022

    Do you work practically with education at KTH and have not had the time to update yourself on the news and new functionalities in Canvas at KTH? This webinar gives you a quick rundown ahead of the spr...

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  • Teaching and Learning activities Unite! webinars, courses and training events

    UNITE! logo
    Published Jan 31, 2022

    The unite! European University Alliance welcomes all partner’s teaching staff to a series of activities designed to share and develop teaching and learning in an international setting.

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  • Create engagement in your Zoom lectures

    Published Jan 18, 2022

    Gottfried Gemzell (Digital educator) has worked with everything from getting computer programs to writing novels to the distance program at Berghs. In this webinar, we get Gottfrieds tips on creating ...

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  • Course rooms are linked to the start of the course instead of the period

    Published Jan 18, 2022

    From Spring 2022, how the course room is handled in Canvas is based on the start date of the course instead of the period. This change affects how far in advance the course rooms are available for tea...

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  • KTH's action plan for education for study period 3, 2022

    Published Jan 14, 2022

    The prerequisites for study period 3 (P3) are that KTH applies KTH's scenario “LOW” for education, which means that the campus is open, but now with infection controlled-adapted hall furniture (i.e. t...

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  • Full implementation of KTH's course room template

    Published Dec 21, 2021

    As of Spring, 2022 all new course rooms in Canvas comes with KTH's course room template. A more uniform design in Canvas makes it easier for both students and teachers as several courses have a simila...

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