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Future learning environments – group meeting – Principles for future education

The future learning environments priority group addresses all issues around classrooms, scheduling and planning. Open for all staff and students.

Time: Fri 2022-10-07 10.00 - 11.30

Location: D36

Video link: Zoom

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Theme – Future education

The principles are based on the report "The Framework for Future Education" produced by the KTH Education Committee and described as "a basis for discussion". Read more Principles for KTH's education in place

  • How do you want to contribute to the advancement of the principle/principles/framework?
  • Identify what is measurable - what things can we measure and compare over time?
  • What is already available in different ways? 

Learning spaces of the future

KTH will continuously renovate classrooms and introduce new technology and new furniture, adapted to current pedagogical teaching methods. This can encourage new pedagogy but also make traditional teaching more difficult in renovated classrooms. There are also wishes about how the classrooms should be developed from both students and staff persepctives.

Most important issues for the PriU group

  • How should the classrooms be designed and equipped to function as well as possible in the future?
  • How should teachers learn to use the classrooms better?
  • How can the classrooms be used more efficiently for teaching, examination and studies?
  • How can the technology become more reliable and error reporting easier?

KTH's development plan 2018-2023 on educational environments

  • An open KTH has creative and innovative study environments, as well as open and inviting campus environments that are characterized by collaboration and student life.
  • A more sustainable KTH has campus environments that are clearly characterized by sustainable solutions and reduced environmental impact.
  • The investment in e-learning in the broadest sense will continue and give concrete results in the form of changes in pedagogy, organization and implementation of education, as well as in the physical design of premises.

More information about the group's latest meetings can be found here  (In Swedish)