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Sustainability Priority group meet up - Principles for future education

This PriU group is an informal forum for teachers, program directors, and others involved in the educations at KTH, to meet, share experiences, and ideas on education for sustainable development.

Time: Thu 2022-09-22 13.15 - 15.00

Location: Zoom

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Principles for future education

The principles are based on the report "The Framework for Future Education" produced by the KTH Education Committee and described as "a basis for discussion". Read more Principles for KTH's education in place

The principles and the report can be perceived as reflecting limited concerns and ambitions for sustainable development and sustainability transformations of society and the future relevance can therefore be questioned. How to enhance these concerns and ambitions in the implementation of the principles, how we in this PriU group could play a role in that, and opportunities and needs for more far reaching sustainability transformations in and through education, will be in focus at the meetings.

Please let us know if you would like to contribute with something in particular before or at the meeting (a presentation, a statement, some points for discussion, or something else). You are of course also welcome to just show up at the meeting as you are, it is however good if you before the meeting have read through the President’s decision and the principles.