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Another KTH SoTL come and gone

Published Mar 17, 2023

160 participants attended the KTH SoTL 2023 conference all about Future learning. This year we also had participants from Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute sharing their research at the conference. It was a successful day with many good thoughts and ideas from our Keynote presentations.

Articles on SoTL 2023

The future of education

Alexandra von Kern communicator at the ITM school wrote an article about the Education for the Future framework which was also there with a new campaign on how you can contribute to the framework.

Read the article here Rethinking the crisis

Student Union

Jerren Gan student and author of Osqledaren the student union magazine attended the KTH SoTL 2023 conference. Read the article here Future learning - Learning for the future

KTH SoTL 2023 conference day

Presentations, round table discussions, workshops and lots of posters with new ideas. From getting students involved, integrating recorded material with on-campus teaching, including sustainability in engineering education to course analyses and lifelong learning. All the contributions and films from most of the presentations can be found here KTH SoTL 2023

Introduction from president Anders Söderholm

President Anders Söderholm talking at the conference

KTH President Anders Söderholm in this introduction speech at the conference talks about what we must reflect on and act on for the future of education. He talks about, lifelong learning, what a future laboratory environment should look like and what kind of environments we need to meet the need for our future students. He also mentions the future education programme and mentions a few of the 13 principles. He says:

"We don't know what the future looks like, that's the inherent quality of the future. But we all have a responsibility to think and try to help create favorable conditions for the education of the future".

See his presentation here  (In Swedish)

Head of department of learning Arnold Pears at the conference

Head of department of Learning Arnold Pears

Our head of department Arnold Pears talked about ChatGPT in his presentation, he doesn’t think ChatGPT is a threat, and he can tell you why in his enthusiastic Ted Talk like presentation. How will AI & ML transform higher education

Stockholm Trio

Our invited key note speaker President Astrid Söderbergh Widding talked about the Stockholm trio collaboration and how we can help each other with courses and development for teachers within the Trio group. See her presentation here  (In Swedish). 

Transformative sustainability education.

Our other keynote speakers were represented from KTH, Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute. The presentation describes how a group of colleagues from the Stockholm Trio partner universities and the University of Tokyo conducted an online dialogue on education for sustainable development, which resulted in the initiation of joint research and development activities on transformative sustainability education.

See their presentation here Transformative sustainability learning 

Future leaders in strategic educational development.

The programme was run for the first time in 2022 with 12 teachers who presented their work in poster form. The aim of the programme is to enable and promote the overall expertise and capacity for development at KTH by stimulating and supporting the continued development of already qualified teachers, especially regarding their pedagogical skills in a collegial and scientific sense.

All in all a great day of networking and knowledge sharing was had by all.

A few pictures from the day

Photographers Maddy Tucker Smith and Chanaldo Jaime Ndaipa