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Welcoming event for those who are new at KTH

Come and listen to interesting lectures, mingle and meet key people at KTH on 23 May.

Photo collage of six women.

Faculty boards are up and running

The work of the schools' faculty boards has begun, and the commitment is high, says Dean Sofia Ritzén.

Here are some voices from members about what their own school's faculty board is discussing right now.

The new faculty organisation takes shape

Portrait photo of Kerstin Jacobsson.

New step in the development of UA

Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director has decided how employees in HR, finance and communication will be organized from 1 April as part of the development of the University Administration

“It is crucial that we base our development on co-operation," Jacobsson says.

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New local collective agreements are now in place

The teacher agreement, the flexitime agreement and the TA agreement have been revised in a joint effort between the HR department and the trade unions. The aim has been to clarify what applies to working hours.


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