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Contract coordination

The school's Agreement Coordinator helps you as a researcher to establish contact with KTH:s lawyers at Research Support Office’s Civil Law and Contracts unit.

Project manager support

On these pages, you will find information about the ABE school's local processes and routines linked to research projects as well as references to key information and relevant governing documents in KTH's regulations.

Project manager support - ABE

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Contract Management

The Contract Coordinator also coordinates the Head of School's signing of, for example:

  • the school's confirmation
  • completed research agreements
  • letters of support
  • ethical tests
  • project party approvals
  • powers of attorney for application to the Swedish Energy Agency
  • non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

Contact the schools Contract Coordinator at .

Do you need to get in touch with KTH:s legal counsel for establishing/reviewing agreements?

According to KTH:s delegation procedure, all agreements on research collaboration must be reviewed by the Civil Law and Contracts unit. Read more about contract management at KTH

Initially, the case needs to be prepared at the department / school.

IPR management

Support on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

IPR management

1. Initiation

Export control

KTH must ensure the management of issues related to export.

Export control

When you have received a research grant and need to get in touch with KTH:s legal counsel, the case must be prepared initially at the department / school.

In order to be able to hand over a case to KTH:s legal councels, a number of documents need to be compiled and registered in RSO's case management system (registration is made by the school's Contract Coordinator.)

The following documents must be compiled and sent to




1. Department confirmation

Institutionens bekräftelse / Department confirmation

This form is an internal ABE form that is always required before the Head of School will sign a document. The form must be signed by both the concerned Head of Division and the Head of Department. Digital signatures are approved and an electronic copy is to be sent in.

The responsible researcher is responsible for filling in the form and sending it together with the approved budget (after reconciliation with the department’s finance officer) and decision on approved funds to the Head of Department and to the Head of Division for signing.

2. Information for preparation legal review

Information inför juridisk granskning / preparation legal review (docx 74 kB)

Answer the questions in the document. Please note that it can take a long time to review / negotiate an agreement, therefore it is important to provide as much information about the project as possible from the beginning.

3. Financing decisions / conditions / draft agreement from the financier

4. Project description / project application

5. Budget for the approved project

In addition, the following documents need to be prepared and submitted:

  • Research agreement for project responsible researcher
  • Research agreement for participating researcher

Agreement project responsible researcher /

Agreement participating researcher

The agreements must be filled in and signed by everyone who participates in the research project (regardless of position) and who performs a research task on behalf of KTH.

If the researcher belongs to another school, it is the concerned Head of School who must sign the research agreement.

Please note that the responsible project manager needs to sign all research agreements of participating researchers before they can be sent in to the Head of School for signing.

The agreements are signed digitally.

In short, the research agreement says that the researcher

allows KTH to dispose of the researcher's intellectual property rights so that KTH can fulfill its obligations under the project agreement,

undertakes to act so that KTH can fulfill its obligations under the project agreement in other respects as well,

gives KTH the right to use the research results from the project for further non-commercial research,

will inform about any dual roles or conflicts of interest in relation to the project.

It is important that each researcher read both the project agreement and the research agreement in their entirety before signing. The researcher needs to know his/her and KTH:s rights and obligations according to the agreement.

The school's confirmation is established by the Contract Coordinator after having received the department's confirmation.

The documents are sent digitally via e-mail to . It is important to also include information if there is a sharp external deadline for the The Civil Law and Contracts unit that they must comply with.

2. Handover to KTH's Civil Law and Contracts unit

When the Contract Coordinator at the School's office has assessed that all documents are complete, the case is forwarded to KTH:s Civil Law and Contracts uni. The responsible researcher is informed via e-mail that this has been done.

The Civil Law and Contracts unit previews / establishes agreements, negotiates with counterparties and communicates with researchers.

3. Signing

The person who signs an agreement is responsible for ensuring that the agreement benefits KTH:s operational assignments, that the finances are secured and that resources are available to carry out the agreed commitments.

Who is to sign an agreement is stated in KTH:s and the school's delegation schemes (See the ABE school Delegation of authority for agreements ).

Agreements to be signed by the Head of Department are sent to the concerned project manager who coordinates signing in accordance with the department's routines.

Agreements that are to be signed by the Head of School are coordinated by the Contract Coordinator and then the signed agreement is send to the relevant project manager who coordinates the other party's signing.

Agreements to be signed by the RSO or the Vice-President for Research are handled by an administrator at Research Support Office.

The final signed agreement is handed over to the department's registrar  and a copy is sent to the responsible Finance officer  and to .

Examples of agreements:

  • Consortium agreements within EU research programmes (Horizon 2020, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, ARTEMIS, Clean Sky, EIT)
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Commissioned research agreements
  • Industrial doctoral student agreements
  • Agreements for adjunct professors
  • Agreements for affiliated faculty
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Declarations of intent
  • Material transfer agreements

4. Confidentiality

The researcher, after consultation with the KTH:s legal counsels, informs the head of department, registrar, and contract coordinator that the project is confidential.