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Here you can find upcoming deadlines for overall school tasks and projects at the ABE school.


Deadline Assignment Responsible
15 December 2022

Invoicing of "smaller contributions". All invoice forms must be submitted no later than 15 December of the current year in order for the income / cost to be attributed to the correct year.


First and Second Cycle Education

Deadline Assignment Responsible
See link

Here you will find the timetable for the ABE school's internal deadlines and decision dates for study plans, academic year plans and course plans [in Swedish]:

Course responsible / Programme Director

Third Cycle Education (Doctoral studies)

Deadline Assignment Responsible
See link

Advertising vacant doctoral student positions are done simultaneously at KTH nine times a year. Deadlines for co-advertising vacant doctoral student positions 2022


HR / Recruitment

Deadline Assignment Responsible
Wednesdays at 15.00, ongoing

Complete recruitment permit is sent to  prior to Collaboration group meeting

Recruiting manager

Inventory 2022

Deadline Assignment Responsible
31 October 2022 Deadline for signature of form "Decision on disposal" in original and as PDF. Signed by the head of the respective department. Head of Department