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Here you can find upcoming deadlines for overall school tasks and projects at the ABE school.


New, urgent agreements that must be signed before Christmas 2021 need to be submitted to the Civil Law and Contracts Office (via CASE and no later than Friday 17 December. Note: this is only possible for agreements that only need to be reviewed and not negotiated with counterpart(s). For agreements received after 21 December, review begins in January.

Deadlines Task Responsible
Friday 17 December 2021 Last day for submission of agreements for review Responsible project manager
Tuesday 21 December 2021 Last day for processing RSO before signing RSO
Wednesday 22 December 2021 Last day for signing agreements via RSO (Note: physical originals no later than Tuesday 21 December) RSO


Deadlines Assignment Responsible
See link

Budget work 2022 - Here you can find the schedule for the budget work: Budget work

See link Final accounts 2021/2022 - Here you can see the deadlines that apply to the final accounts for financial approval of invoices.

Important dates Finance for the final accounts 2021/2022


First and Second Cycle Education

Deadline Assignment Responsible
See link

Here you will find the timetable for the ABE school's internal deadlines and decision dates for study plans, academic year plans and course plans [in Swedish]: Tidplan för utbildningsinformation

Course responsible / Programme Director
December 2021

Programme development 2021 - GRU The Built Environment. Deadline for reporting the outcome of activities. The report is sent to

Programme managers in the Built Environment area have been able to apply for funding for programme development in the areas of gender equality, sustainability, digitalisation and / or internationalisation.

Programme Director

Third Cycle Education (Doctoral studies)

Deadline Assignment Responsible
See link

Advertising vacant doctoral student positions are done simultaneously at KTH nine times a year. Deadlines for co-advertising vacant doctoral student positions 2022


Before the Quality Dialogue 25 April 2022

Deadline To do Responsible
7 February 2022 Deadline Programme Analysis First and Second Cycle Education Programme Director
7 February 2022 Deadline Programme Analysis Third Cycle Education Programme Director

1 March 2022

Deadline School Reports for First and Second Cycle Education and Third Cycle Education

Director of First and Second Cycle Education / Director of Third Cycle Education

ABE school Operational Plan 2021

All reports should be sent to

Deadline To do Responsible
31 January 2022 Final report Responsible Function Manager

HR / Recruitment

Deadline To do Responsible
Wednesdays at 15.00, ongoing

Complete recruitment permit is sent to persadm@abe.kth,se  prior to Collaboration group meeting

Recruiting manager
See link

Important deadlines for recruitment 2021

Recruiting manager

Inventory 2021

Deadline To do Responsible
10 December 2021 Deadline for signature of form "Decision on disposal" in original and as PDF. Signed by the head of respective department. Head of Department