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Computer loans

The ABE school has access to eight loan computers for temporary use when a regular work computer is not available. These are stored at KTH IT support.

The loan computers are only for ABE employees who have either ordered a new work computer and are waiting for delivery or who have sent their regular work computer for repair at KTH IT support office. Loan computers cannot be used as an extra computer or borrowed for a longer period.

If you need to borrow a computer

  •   Contact KTH IT support via email ( or telephone (6600).
  •   To borrow a computer for temporary use is free of charge.
  •   If you are waiting for the delivery of a new computer, you may keep the loan computer until the new computer has been delivered and installed.
  •  If your regular computer has been sent off for repair with KTH IT support, you may keep the loan computer until you have got your computer back.