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IT and IT support

On these pages, ABE staff can find direct links to the forms for ordering IT products and licenses as well as information and contact information for IT related queries.

The ABE school has a school-specific agreement with the IT department regarding the following:

  •   Local IT support
  •   Purchasing and logistics of IT-related equipment (including on-site delivery and installation)
  •   License management

The agreement aims to ensure adequate local IT support at the ABE School local IT environment.

In addition, the Department of Architecture has an agreement with the IT department regarding the Plotter Environment and the Digital Manufacturing Lab (DFL).

IT coordinator

The ABE IT coordinator is Milan Orac. He is responsible for collecting, formulating and coordinating the IT needs for the ABE school. He is also our liaison officer towards the IT deparment, which means that he is responsible for any ABE IT projects being allocated the correct competence(s).