KTH's HR-systems

In KTH's self-reporting system you report sickleave, parental leave, vacation and other types of leaves. After review and approval the cases are uploaded to HR Plus which is KTH's salary system. The self-reporting system is used by all employees while HR Plus mainly is used by HR managers, HR administrators and payroll officers.

Tips for the self-reporting system


When reporting a qualifying day of sickness you must first report the ENTIRE sickleave period and THEN report the qualifying day. Only valid for full days.

Overtime/additional hours

These registrations will generate salary, they should not be used for reporting flexitime our compensation hours. Flexitime and compensation hours should be reported outside the HR-systems.

Parental leave

Always remember to state your childs date of birth (YY,MM,DD) in the message field. This will help you receive correct allowance/deduction.

Cancelling a case

If you want to change a case already reported, go to cases history, check the box for the relevant case and press Cancel. You will automatically be sent to the reporting window. Check the box of the case you just cancelled and press Send. Remember to report a new case if this is needed.

Do you have questions about the HR-systems?

For questions about HR Plus, please e-mail: hrkth@kth.se

For questions about the self-reporting system, please e-mail: egenrapportering@kth.se

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