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Sustainable events

Every year KTH employees organise a large number of meetings, such as conferences and events, both large and small. Meetings can lead to new partnerships and solutions to challenges for the future, but at the same time physical meetings have a more or less negative impact on our environment. By making right choices when organising meetings, we can contribute to sustainable development while reducing the negative impact.

There is a perception that it is difficult and expensive to arrange sustainable meetings, but this is a myth. It is a question of making right choices that rarely make it more expensive, just more environmentally friendly. By choosing a good venue, favouring sustainable modes of transport, selecting good suppliers of food and drink and using available technology, you can achieve a lot with very little.

The internal event support will be happy to advise KTH employees on how to organise meetings with the least possible negative impact on our environment and there is a checklist to facilitate the work. Checklist for a more sustainable meeting

Working with sustainable meetings is a part of KTH's overall environmental and sustainability management. Meetings concern several areas that KTH has deemed significant in its environmental and sustainability management, such as collaboration, transport, waste and purchases.

KTH's policy for sustainable development

Resource management

Climate objectives 2025-2045

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