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Visibility around KTH

KTH offers a number of channels through which you can promote your event and conference. This page presents the different options.


The KTH-calendar is visible on the intranet and on the external website.

Register your event or conference in the KTH-calendar

Discover KTH

Discover KTH  collects all the events and activities that you can find to discover KTH. The web site is aimed at the general public as well as employees and students.

Report your event or conference, including image and text to:

KTH alumni newsletter

If your event or conference is relevant for the alumni network it can be included in their newsletter.
Email your activity to:  

The schools’ internal newsletters

All the schools at KTH sends out newsletters internally. Should you wish to market your event or conference in the newsletter, please email the details (or refer to an event website) no later than Tuesday to be visible in the newsletter that same week.
​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

Digital screens and signage

Digital and analog signage will not only help your attendees find their way but also promote your event around KTH. 

Digital screens and signage at KTH (Swedish)

Visit Stockholm

Send in your open events or conferences to the Visit Stockholm calendar for exposure to a larger target group.

Visit the external website Calendar of events (Swedish)