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Attached documents

Preferably publish in the website's standard format (html). Other formats make it harder to access the information, because they often require additional software. If you still need to post a PDF, make sure to make it accessible.

Choice of format 

Carefully consider the choice of format when publishing something on the website. Normally it is best to present the information directly in HTML. If you post information in, for example, PDF or Word format, it becomes much harder to search and access for users who, for example, use a mobile phone or do not have the required software.

Important considerations for publishing documents 

  • Since not all visitors can open Word files, they should be supplemented with a PDF file. 

  • All documents must meet the requirements for accessibility

  • Summarise the documents on the web page so that users can assess the content without downloading it. 

  • Design documents so they can be easily read on screen. This helps reduce the number of users printing on paper. 

Clear file names 

  • Avoid special characters, spaces and underlining in file names. Instead, use hyphens. 

  • Give the document a file name that describes the content of the document. Example: semester-list-summer-2019.pdf 

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