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Decision to deactivate e-mail accounts when employment, studies or other affiliation to KTH ends

Published Jul 15, 2019

The President of KTH has decided to end the practice that since 2002 gives employees and students right to keep their KTH e-mail addresses even when they no longer have any affiliation to KTH.

Email addresses and associated email mailboxes need to be deactivated for persons whose employment, studies or other affiliation ends and they have no longer any connection with KTH. The deactivation should occur when the affiliation to KTH ends. Procedures for handling this is yet to be created.

This Decision takes an effect on 1st of October 2019.

KTH University Administration/IT has been assigned to retroactively deactivate e-mail addresses and associated e-mail mailboxes for persons whose affiliation to KTH has already ended. Those who are affected by this Decision will be informed by e-mail of the upcoming deactivation and given the opportunity during a limited period to move their e-mail handling to another e-mail provider. The goal for this to be completed is by 31st of March 2020.

This is a so-called policy decision, ie. what needs to be done. Exact routines for how it should be handled in practice will be created after summer in collaboration with the relevant departments at University Administration (IT, HR, EDO (Education Office), CBL (Communications and Business Liaisons), etc.

The Decision is available to view as PDF document (In Swedish), click here (pdf 1.1 MB)