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”Möbius - Online Assessment System for STEM courses”

Möbius is a system for creating advanced questions/quizzes with support for automatic correction and random parameters/variables. How can you as a teacher work with the system? Seminar with following workshop.

Time: Thu 2019-10-10 12.15 - 15.00

Location: South East Gallery (Sydöstra galleriet) KTH Library, Rinman, Hjärne, online

Participating: Damiano Ognissanti (+ Krzysztof Starzecki)

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Please note that it’s possible to participate in the seminar, the workshop or both workshop and seminar.

Seminar: 12.15-13.
Location: South East Gallery, KTH Library (and online )

Workshop: 13-15.
Location: Rinman  and Hjärne  (KTH, Osquars backe 31)

More information about the seminar and workshop: .
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