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Campus is filled with students again

New KTH students queue outdoors on the KTH Campus as they wait to enrol.
Through preparatory communication to the students and on-site monitoring, it was possible to ensure that the new students maintained social distancing.
Published Aug 20, 2020

In early August, KTH welcomed all new students to the KTH Campus. Despite the current pandemic, it was possible to conduct both roll call and Arrival Day in ways that decreased the risks of infection.

Petra Krödel's working group for Joint Operational Support was responsible for coordinating the events.

“It was a major undertaking to carry out these events. When you’re in the middle of a pandemic and the future is uncertain, you have to plan for various scenarios,” says Petra Krödel, Group Manager for Information and Service at GVS, adding:

“Thanks to careful preparation and cooperation between Education Support, GVS, the schools and THS, in the end it was still possible to hold these events on the KTH Campus.”

It was necessary to conduct roll call days outdoors and in very large areas, so that everyone could maintain adequate distance from each other.

The solution to this challenge was to set up tents in front of KTH Entré and in the courtyard. Hand sanitiser was provided and plexiglass panels were installed at the enrolment counters. Clear distance markings were also set up.

To minimise the risk of infection, upon arrival all students were also given their own pen to use while enrolling.

Preparatory communication

Each education program was assigned a specific enrolment time, and all instructions were available on the web. In preparation for the roll call days, new students were also telephoned by a KTH student who welcomed them and informed them that it was important to show up at the exact time that they had been assigned for their roll call.

“All students received the information and respected the distance markings on campus. Employees from GVS were also on hand during these days to monitor and maintain order,” says Petra Krödel.

She stresses that the working group consisting of the schools' education administration managers worked very well and efficiently.

“There has really been an exchange of knowledge between different parts of KTH throughout this work. Everyone was completely focused on finding the solutions that would make these events as safe as possible.”

Words: Marianne Norén

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