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Questions about the digital workplace

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How it has been to work remotely is mapped with the help of a questionnaire.
Published Jun 14, 2021

A questionnaire has been sent to all employees about the digital work environment during the pandemic. What is this all about, Jan Gulliksen Vice President for Digitalisation?

“As Vice President for Digitalisation, I have been tasked with mapping all aspects of the digital workplace in order to build a knowledge base that can support decision-making about KTH’s strategic development in association with digitalisation.

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Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalisation.

We have been living with the restrictions the pandemic has entailed for 15 months now and ahead of a pending return to the workplace, we have a unique opportunity right now to map how all employees in all their different roles have experienced digital working from home. We have this opportunity now, but the situation will probably look different in the autumn.”

What are you looking to achieve?

“We are a university, we want to make decisions on how we would like things to be in the future, based on a solid knowledge platform. Right now, there are all kinds of perceptions floating around about what is good and what is bad in connection with digital working from home, but do we really know what this looks like? Do we really know what employees need to feel good and be productive in their work? This study offers unique opportunities to build this kind of understanding.”

Why should I as an employee complete the questionnaire?

“By completing the questionnaire, you will contribute to the further development of KTH and ensure your voice is heard in forming an understanding of what has worked well in the recent circumstances and what perhaps will need continued support and what digital development needs we can expect to see moving forwards.”

How will the results be used and when will they be published?

“The results of the study should be used as supporting data ahead of management having strategic discussions on digitalisation and its further development. The results will be presented for the management by the end of August.”

The questionnaire was sent out on 10 June from the address with the subject line Vad tycker du om att arbeta på distans? How do you feel about working remotely?

Another questionnaire will be sent to teachers at KTH in a week or so about their work situation.

Jill Klackenberg

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Last changed: Jun 14, 2021