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Error in the Time Report week 18 Thursday - Friday which needs to be corrected by the employee

Published May 04, 2021

The information below concerns all personnel who use Tidrapport 2021 (the Excel document that counts flex time).

Unfortunately, an error has crept into the Time Report for 2021. This applies to week 18, the days Thu 6 - Fri 7 May. The error is in the cells that count Flex +/- for these days, ie cells P20 and P21. The error means that the flex time will be incorrect for these days. In cell P19, which refers to Wednesday, the formula is correct.

Screenshot: The Excel file Tidrapport showing the column and cell where the error is marked.

You can easily correct the error as follows:

Open your time report and select the tab for v. 18.

Select the cell Flex +/- for Wednesday (onsdag).

Click on the small square in the lower right corner of Wednesday's box.

Drag down over the rows for Thursday and Friday, then release the mouse pointer.

The formulas on Thursday and Friday are now replaced with the correct formula.

Human Resources (HR) at the University Administration

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Last changed: May 04, 2021