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KTH Academic Orchestra wishes a Merry Christmas

Published Dec 11, 2020

With this Christmas greeting, from the musicians of The KTH Academic Orchestra, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas!
We hope that you will have a smooth, wonderful Christmas, like a Sleigh Ride through the snow.

All the musicians got their part and a Mp 3 soundfile with a piano accompaniment. Then the musicians made their own recording using their cell-phone. After that, the recording was downloaded on Google drive where it was mixed and put together.

  • Sleigh Ride, composed by Leroy Anderson EMI Mills Music Inc.
  • Musicians from The KTH Academic Orchestra
  • Video Editing: Philip Bergström
  • Audio mixing: Carl Åkerman Rydbeck
  • Artistic director: Mats Janhagen, Director Musices KTH

Mats Janhagen, Director Musices KTH

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