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Hello there Master of Ceremonies Hanna Sundelin!

Portrait photo: A woman with brown hair, round glasses, and blue scarf against a green background.
Hanna Sundelin
Published Oct 18, 2021

The president of KTH has decided on three changes for KTH’s academic ceremonies going forward. The biggest change concerns the academic ceremony in November – can you tell us more about it?

“For many years, KTH has hosted its grand ceremony in November, which has included both the conferment of new doctors and inauguration of new professors. From now on, the ceremony will be split into two separate ceremonies. The conferment ceremony will be in November and the inauguration of new professors will be moved to March or April.”

Why is the academic ceremony split into two ceremonies?
“To create more focus on the doctors and professors and give them time to enjoy in the limelight. These are two very important ceremonies and we want to give promovendi* and installandi* the attention they deserve.” 

What does the new presidential inauguration mean?
“When a new president assumes their role it’s common to have a ceremony that serves both as a closure and a start of something new. KTH doesn’t have a tradition of hosting presidential inaugurations, so I’ve looked to other universities for inspiration. Together with president Sigbritt Karlsson I’m working on a new ceremonial for KTH’s presidential inauguration. We’re planning to have speeches, music and a ritual handover of the presidential chain*. It will be a beautiful start for the new president!”

There will now be three graduation ceremonies, each two days, during 2022 and 2023 – is that more than usual?
“Since we haven’t been able to host the graduation ceremony in the City Hall with guests during the pandemic there are many graduates that are eager to participate now. In order to give more people the possibility of attending the ceremony in person we’re now adding one more ceremony in 2022 and 2023. The new dates for 2022 are already set – the extra graduation ceremony will take place the 14th and 15th February.”

Katarina Ahlfort
Photo: Hanna Sundelin


  • Promovendi* The doctors taking part in the conferment ceremony are called promovendi in plural and promovendus/a in singular. After the conferment ceremony, they’re called promotus/promota/promoti. 
  • Insigner/insignia Insigner or insignia is another word for badges of honour that are handed out in academic contexts. At KTH promovendi receive a diploma and the honorary doctors receive a diploma, a hat and a ring. 
  • Inauguration Inauguration of professors is a ceremony where newly appointed professors are inaugurated into office. When a president assumes their role there is normally a presidential inauguration, sometimes hosted as a separate occasion and sometimes as a part of another academic ceremony. 
  • Installandi* New professors who are inaugurated into their new tenures are in plural called installandi. 
  • Presidential chain* In the 1930’s there were several badges of honour made for presidents at Swedish universities. In the same decade, initiatives for KTH’s presidential chain were taken and The University Board and teachers came together to collect funds. The architect and KTH alum Sven Ivar Lind designed the chain and Atelier Borgila crafted it. The chain is made in gold with nine gemstones, a topaz for every KTH school (though there are currently only five). 

Facts: Three changes for the ceremonies

  • The conferment of new doctors and inauguration of new professors will be two separate ceremonies starting 2022. 
  • When a new president comes into office there will be a presidential inauguration. The date is set to 2nd December 2022. 
  • During 2022 and 2023 there will be three graduation ceremonies, with two occasions per ceremony.