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Light-hearted talk about digital work methods

Screenshot: Johan Flid Fridell and Patric Jansson in Zoom
Patric Jansson is group manager for the development team and Johan Flid Fridell is a project manager working with system administration. Both believe that digitalisation leads to operational development.
Published Feb 09, 2021

It is valuable to disseminate good examples of how we can use digital tools in our work and learn from each other, say Johan Flid Fridell and Patric Jansson of KTH’s IT Office. Since last fall, they have been producing the podcast “Fika with Patric and Johan” with precisely that intention.

Why make a podcast about digital tools and work methods at KTH?

“We both work with digital administration and system development and have long felt that we need to get to know KTH’s operations better. We see the podcast as an unpretentious forum for that,” says Patric Jansson. Johan Flid Fridell chimes in:

“It came naturally for us to try out this format now, during the pandemic, when a lot of people needed to transform their work methods and learn how to use various digital tools.”

The mission of the IT Office is to support KTH operations with appropriate technology. To succeed in that aim, one must first identify KTH’s operational needs.

Johan Flid Fridell stresses that the opinions expressed in the podcast are their ones. This is not the IT Office’s podcast.

The podcast is aimed at all KTH employees — perhaps especially those who have not taken much interest in digital tools and work methods in the past.

“The intention is for our conversation to be informal and relaxed. It’s fun to get questions, and we have some regulars who always listen,” says Patric Jansson.

Anyone who has suggestions for content for the podcast can contact its creators. In the future, they also want to invite guests from other organisations and universities that have something to teach KTH about digital work methods.

Johan Flid Fridell:

“The podcast will be what we make it. We want to offer a broad mix of ideas and thoughts. The discussions and questions spark the dialogue.”

About the digital coffee break with Patric and Johan

“Fika med Patric och Johan” is broadcast every Thursday at 12-12:30 live via Zoom and on YouTube. Participants can use the chat function to ask questions. You can also view the podcast after the broadcast. Over time, more and more KTH employees have discovered the podcast. Often someone at KTH is invited on as a guest to discuss a specific theme.

Zoom link to the podcast:

Previous themes and guests:  

  • About data, analytics, and the e-signature of internal decisions
  • How to achieve a good Zoom meeting
  • LeanCoffee – a methodology for meetings
  • FAIR open data; guest: Rosa Lönneborg, coordinator for research data at KTH Library
  • “Open Space” as a method for online workshops
  • How can we take care of each other in the best way and find tools that help us keep track of how our colleagues are feeling? Guests: Lotta Gustavsson and Lotta Rosenfeldt from the University Administration division of the HR Office
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