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A new centre brings together climate research at KTH

Published Sep 28, 2021

KTH is marshalling its forces within the climate area. The KTH Climate Action Centre has just started to map current research within climate at KTH and is holding an information meeting on October 1 for all researchers at KTH. Francesco Fuso-Nerini and Karin Larsdotter talk about KTH's newly started centre.

Photo: A man standing under a tree.
Francesco Fuso-Nerini is a senior lecturer and the Centre Director at KTH Climate Action Centre. Photo: private

What will you do?

“We are going to start by bringing together current research on the climate action at KTH and offer opportunities to make an even bigger contribution to this research. New knowledge is needed if we are going to bring about change.”

What are you looking to achieve?

“We want KTH to contribute to the climate action in society to an even greater extent. The latest IPCC report clearly shows that a great deal needs to be done and that this is urgent. As a university of technology with plenty of high-quality research, we have a responsibility to contribute to new technological solutions and necessary societal changes.”

You have produced a questionnaire for KTH researchers. What kind of survey is it, and what will you do with the results?

Portrait image: a woman in long hair in front of a beige background.
Karin Larsdotter is responsible for collaboration at KTH Climate Action Centre.

“We are going to explain more about the questionnaire on October 1, and it will also be available on our new website very soon. We want as many researchers as possible to complete the questionnaire to gain a better understanding of relevant research at KTH that has a bearing on the climate action. The aim is also to give these researchers a chance to express their interest in being seen on our centre’s new website.”

What will be happening at the KTH Climate Action Centre over the next six months?

“We are in the process of appointing a board, several working groups, and a reference group. Added to this, we are recruiting researchers to an interdisciplinary research group that is going to tackle various challenges and burning questions. We are also actively looking to link partners to the centre to gain more financing. The KTH Climate Action Centre will be presented to an external audience at the annual KTH Sustainability Research Day on 9 November.”

Words: Sofia Tatsis

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Last changed: Sep 28, 2021