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Virtual tour for prospective students

Screenshot showing a film containing a female student on KTH Campus.
Screenshot from the virtual campus tour that includes, among other things, ten different films about campus life at KTH.
Published Oct 14, 2020

Hello there Daniel Lindmark, communications officer in international student recruitment and project manager of the virtual campus tour that was recently launched on the web. Why does KTH need one?

– We have very good facts about our 60 master's programmes. But information about student life itself and the campus environment has been poor. Our visitors want to know more about what it feels like to be a student at KTH.

Daniel Lindmark
Daniel Lindmark works with international student recruitment at the Division of Education Support at the University Administration

Prospective paying students outside Europe are the main target group for the production, which will now be disseminated in KTH's various information channels during the application period for the 2021 autumn programmes.

– The objective is to generate the students’ interest in KTH at a very early stage. The virtual campus tour will be a colourful and more emotional complement, says Daniel Lindmark.

Wish to show many perspectives

A large and versatile organization such as KTH is not so easily defined. For this reason, it has been important for Daniel Lindmark to include many perspectives in the campus tour. Eight KTH students who each give their picture of life on campus are guiding in the different films.

– It is very important that the target group perceives KTH's communication as genuine, and it has been great to hand over some of the power of defining KTH to the students in the films, says Daniel Lindmark.

Enjoyable and fruitful cooperation

Many people have been involved in the production and the atmosphere has been positive despite the fact that production planning during the spring had to be done remotely.

– We were received happily everywhere at KTH where we shot the films this summer. Employees opened lab environments for the film crew, acted as extras and contributed with comments to the scripts, says Daniel Lindmark.

He particularly highlights the cooperation with KTH's IT department, which selected an appropriate technical solution for the digital production.

– The premise has been that even students in distant countries and with very poor internet connection should be able to take part in the tour, stresses Daniel Lindmark.

Finally, he notes that the virtual campus tour is even more important for the recruitment of students to KTH because of the pandemic, and not just overseas students, since all campus visits are cancelled throughout the application period.

Words: Marianne Norén

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Last changed: Oct 14, 2020