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Great interest in next president

Portrait of Pia Sandvik in front of a window.
Pia Sandvik is leading the work of recruiting the next president and the number of nominations indicates great interest (Photo: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin)
Published Jan 18, 2022

Around 50 individuals have been nominated, recommended for or have applied to become the next KTH president.
“ The large number of nominations shows what great engagement and interest there is for the role and who should be appointed as our new president. This huge interest shows the attractiveness of KTH,” says Pia Sandvik, Chair of the KTH Board and Nomination Committee.

The recruitment process, that began last summer, includes a number of different steps to flush out good candidates for the job. One aim has been to encourage greater participation, such as by enabling students and staff to offer input to both the employment profile and by proposing different names. A total of 52 nominations have been received for 27 named individuals.

“This response suggests that this move has proved very popular,” says Sandvik, who adds that the gender equality aspect has also been taken into consideration with many women and men being nominated.

A shortlist

With the help of an external recruitment company, the Nomination Committee will take a closer look at the various individuals proposed, along with the handful of people who have applied themselves, and how well they match the requirements list for the position. After several selection steps, a short list has drawn up containing fewer than ten individuals who will now go through two rounds of interviews. After which, the candidates invited to go forward from there, will be presented to the University Board in February.

A more detailed time schedule and description of the recruitment process  can be found on the Intranet. The plan is for the KTH board to propose a candidate to the government that will then announce the new president in late summer. The intention then is for the successful candidate to take office on 1 December.

Words: Jill Klackenberg

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Last changed: Jan 18, 2022