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The board appoints an inquiry

Published May 18, 2022

The board of KTH decided at an extraordinary meeting on 16 May to appoint an external inquiry regarding the procedure for offering a professorship.

"It is important that we get a comprehensive picture and get to the bottom of the matter - therefore we decided to bring in an external investigator with legal expertise and knowledge of academic environments," says Pia Sandvik, Chairman of the Board.

The plan is for the investigation to be ready for the next regular board meeting on June 17, and the assignment includes looking at the President´s decision to call a person as professor, reviewing previous similar matters, practice in the field and how KTH's employment rules and guidelines looks at the offering procedure for a professor.

The inquiry will also be used as a basis for the opinion that KTH's board must submit to the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ in connection with the report sent there.

The inquiry is also intended as a basis for KTH´s continued work on guidelines and employment regulations.

Last week, KTH's chairman of the board, Pia Sandvik, chose to convene an extra board meeting  due to a number of letters regarding the procedure for offering a professorship.

Text: Jill Klackenberg
Photo: Jann Lipka

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Last changed: May 18, 2022