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IT Service Window

Information about the IT department's service window

What are service windows?

A service window is a planned and predefined time interval for service and maintenance of the IT environment, systems and services. This usually means that you can expect disruptions to the systems and services concerned, and that these cannot be accessed and used during this time. The IT department has placed its service window every Thursday– except for holidays– between 16.00 and 18.00

The ambition is to minimize operational disruption as much as possible and not to use the entire service window. In some cases, even more work needs to be done under the service window, in which case the service window can be extended.

The planned work performed under the service window is announced in advance on the website for operating information:

Why do we have a service window?

The IT department strives to maintain a well-functioning, stable and secure IT environment at KTH. To achieve this, IT systems and hardware need to be updated, upgraded, serviced and maintained. The goal is that the IT systems and services are available around the clock, so we work to enable and execute changes in the IT environment without interruptions.

However, some planned work requires interruptions. Such work that must be performed during, or directly in connection with, KTH's regular office working hours is therefore placed in the service window. This includes to ensure access to all relevant personnel within and outside the IT department.

The service window enables users of IT systems and services to be able to plan their work, thereby minimizing the impact of planned disruptions.

What applies to work outside service windows?

In order to minimize disruptions to the business, some service and maintenance work is placed outside regular office working hours and service windows and if possible on evenings and weekends instead.

An example is Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month when Microsoft releases the latest security updates and other fixes for the Windows operating system and related programs.

However, in the event of important security updates or management of serious functional deficiencies, it may be critical and necessary to perform service and maintenance work during office hours and without the possibility of waiting for service windows.

Another example is the system Confluence. Because it is used as a documentation system, much of the information used at the Service Window is documented in Confluence. And therefore that system cannot be down at the same time as working with other systems under the Service window. If necessary, Confluence has its Service Window on Tuesdays.

Even in such cases, the information is advertised on the website for operational information.