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To be a government employee

Working for a governmental employer implies both rights and duties as well as special benefits.

As a university, we are a government agency. The common basics values for all central government agencies can be summarized in six principles:

Democracy – all public power proceeds from the people.
Legality – public power is exercised in accordance with the law.
Objectivity – everyone is equal before the law; objectivity and impartiality must be observed.
Free formation of opinion – Swedish democracy is founded on the free formation of opinion.
Respect for all people’s equal value, freedom and dignity – public power is to be exercised with respect for the equal worth of all and for the freedom and dignity of the individual.
Efficiency and service – efficiency and resource management must be combined with service and accessibility.

The common basics values (only in Swedish) at 

The citizens are your ultimate employer. This means that we have an obligation to fulfil the operations and apply the laws that the government and parliament has decided upon – in a way that is accessible, legally secure and efficient.

Our operations are controlled by public laws and regulations that apply to all Swedish government agencies.

KTH is primarily guided by:

  • The Higher Education Act – which, among other things, governs the work of universities and seats of higher education.
  • The Higher Education Ordinance – governs, among other things, rules regarding education, student representation and teachers' appointments.

As any employer, other laws and regulations, such as the labour legislation, also govern us. Further, we are subject to the principle of public access to official documents, one of the pillars of Swedish democracy that, for instance, states that media and the public have the right to insight into our operations. It is therefore important that you, as an employee by KTH, know how documents within your field are managed. The document management aims to both secure the public’s right to operational insight and to create efficiency in our work. KTH, as a government agency, is obliged to follow the laws and regulations regarding public documents. Public documents are, as a rule, registered. More information about the document management at KTH can be found here (only in Swedish).

Besides laws and regulations, KTH’s operations are also governed by a number of internal guiding documents and policies. Examples of these are our

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