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Insurance for guests and other fellows with connection to KTH

Various insurance solutions apply to visitors and other fellowos with connection to KTH. Here you can find out more about what applies in such cases.

General information

You can supplement your insurance cover by taking out your own voluntary insurance. KTH's group agreement with Skandia enables you as an employee at KTH to supplement your insurance coverage. you can take out life insurance, accident insurance (full time), child insurance and health insurance. There is also a private care insurance to take out through the group agreement. The insurance provides care for specialist physicians after referral from the treating physician in primary care.

Our agreement with Skandia allows you to connect quickly and easily. The insurance within the contract covers the most common events that you may encounter. They can apply to both you and your family - in case of accident, death or illness.

Beneficial price

The insurance policies have favorable conditions that provide good basic protection and are suitable for most people. This means that they are usually cheaper than if you apply for the corresponding insurance policies privately.

You select scope

Depending on where you are in life and what your family situation looks like, you may need different types of insurance coverage.

On Skandia's website you can read more about what insurance policies you can choose from and what they can give you if something happens. You also apply for insurance there.

Below is what is included in the "free insurance" for the first three months of employment.

Life insurance

6 pbb (273 000 kr)

Health insurance

1 400 kr


10 pbb (445 000 kr)

Accident insurance

20 pbb (910 000 kr)

If you are interested in an insurance in your spare time, after month three, you have to take that initiative yourself.

You pay for the insurance by direct debit on a monthly note.

If you have questions

Contact Skandia Customer Service on +46 (0)771-55 55 00 or email
You can also read more here:

Important things to keep in mind

If you want to change the life insurance or health insurance level

Please note that you must re-enter the health declaration if you change the level of life insurance and health insurance.

If you want to know your need for health insurance

Your health insurance is not automatically adjusted to your salary, you must apply for the right level of health insurance yourself when you change your salary.
Please note that group health insurance is K-rated, i.e. payment is tax-free.

Child insurance, valid for all children in the family

Child insurance is a combined accident and health insurance. It applies to all your children and the spouse/partner's children if the spouse/partner is registered at your address. Child insurance is valid until the end of the calendar year that the child reaches the age of 25

Keep in mind that child insurance is not automatically reported when the youngest child has reached the age of 25, you must do this yourself.

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