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Salary payment and tax certificate

KTH will change bank for salary payments, from Nordea to Danske Bank. This means that all associates must have registered their bank account with Danske Bank.

Registration of bank account

Danske bank

All associates receiving salary or other compensation from October 2023 need to log in to Danske Bank’s salary service to register their bank account at least one week before payment date. Should you already have an account in Danske Bank you still need to register your account details. You will log in and identify yourself at twoday - Utbetalningstjänst. In order to register your account, you need BankID/e-identification or mobile BankID. If you do not have a BankID, you need to contact payroll group at  for further instructions.

If your bank account is not registered at least one week before payment date, a withdrawal slip will be sent to your home address registered with us. Please contact your bank how to redeem your withdrawal slip.

Register your bank account with Danske Bank (twoday) here

You may need to specify KTH´s customer number 79220

If you get a message saying "du finns inte i registret", you need to start by registering under:
"Ny betalningsmottagare".

If you need support for registering your bank account with Danske Bank, phone: 0752-48 18 50

FAQ Salary service at Danske Bank’s website (Swedish only)

Self reporting

In order to ensure correct salary payments to employees, the main rule is that everything that applies to the current month shall be approved continuously by your manager in the self-reporting system and KTH-res, but no later than the 15'th

It is especially important that all absences that affect wages such as ex. leave of absence is registered and approved in good time before the leave starts to avoid you getting an ev. pay liability.

Payment days


25 January


25 January
26 February
25 March
25 April
24 May
25 June
25 July
26 August
25 September
25 October
25 November
23 December


You can find your payslip by logging into the self-reporting system and clicking on Mina sidor/My pages, Lönespecifikation/Payslip online (data). Select the month you want to view and click on the button Payslip online (presentation) at the top.

If you have finished your employment you can no longer get your payroll specification through the self-reporting system.

1. Connected to Kivra: contact the payrollgroup at   for payslips prior to March 2023.

2. Not connected to Kivra: contact the "lönefunktionen" at


As a new employee, you should send the A-tax certificate to KTH in order to receive the correct tax deduction. If we do not have the A-tax certificate, tax is deducted in accordance with the City of Stockholm’s tax table + 10%.

You can apply for adjustment to the Swedish Tax Agency  and should then send your adjustment decision to KTH. E-mail address: