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Doctoral student salary agreement

The doctoral student agreement are locally agreed monthly salaries for employees as doctoral students at KTH

Doctoral student salary

Initial - step 1: 32 000 kr (30 800 kr)

30 % - step 2: 32 600 kr (31 600 kr)

50 % - step 3: 35 000 kr (33 800 kr)

80 % - step 4: 36 100 kr (35 100 kr)

The amounts apply from 2023-10-01. Last years amounts in paranthesis. Monthly salary at full-time before tax.

Structure of the doctoral degree:

Step 1 is the initial salary. Advancement to step 2, 3 and 4 is done after achieving the sub targets which are defined in the Individual Study Plan (ISP) corresponding 30 %, 50 % and 80 % of the total degree requirements of a doctoral diploma. Deviations from the schedule in the ISP must be motivated in writing by the main supervisor in consultation with the Director of Third Cycle Education. In absence of explicit and objective sub targets in the ISP advancement in the doctoral ladder is done after 30 %, 50 % and 80 % of the time plan for the studies.

Deviation from initial salary:

Agreements on higher wages may, after consultation with the director of personnel or persons appointed by the director, be concluded in cases of clearly stated recruitment competition or a professional experience relevant to the employment.