Work /VDU glasses

The employer is legally required to supply aids to vision, such as glasses if an employee have trouble with their vision.

The conditions for this are that the corrective glasses that the employee normally wears do not sufficiently eliminate the discomfort that has arisen. Furthermore, for work involving computer screens, other synergonomically important factors should also be adapted to the particular circumstances. Reflections, flickers, contrast, lighting, glare and viewing distance are examples of such other factors to which may need to be addressed.

To obtain work/computer glasses, a signed requisition is required and suppliers authorised within the State's framework agreement are to be used. Work/computer glasses are the property of the employer and shall be kept at the workplace.

  • The employee shall always inform their manager when ocular difficulties associated with the work occurs.
  • Employees that don´t have working glasses can contact “företagshälsovården” for advice and workplace visits if necessary.
  • Employees that already have working glasses where the tasks or the workplace haven’t changed may, after consultation with their manager, directly contact the optician for an eye exam. To order working glasses the State agreement must be followed. Currently, Specsavers Sweden ABis the supplier you should turn to first. For more information about the agreement visit the page for Statlig inköpssamordning, see the link below and search for "glasögon".
  • After determining, by you manager, if work glasses must be purchased the cost of the eye exam, frame, glass and labor will be covered by your employer (your school). Only certified opticians are approved. Note that the employee needs to have a signed requisition from their manager when ordering the working glasses, see the link to the requisition form below.
  • The frame of the working glasses can maximum cost 200 kr. The employee may pay extra if a more expensive frame is desired.

Visit the web page for Statlig inköpssamordning

Here you can download the requisition

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