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Training and support for new employees

Support, information and staff training for new employees. Workplace introduction, a welcoming day, guidance for your work and basic fire protection training are offered in a joint onboarding for all new employees in Swedish and English. Role-adapted introductory courses are also given for certain assignments as chairman/member of recruitment committees, induction programs for foreign employees and an in-depth introduction for administrative staff.

Joint onboarding at KTH

New employees are introduced to the university, the workplace and the work tasks in several ways at KTH.
As KTH:s organization is large as the operations is wide, an introduction to the university is a long-term process throughout your professional life at KTH. The aim of the introduction is to integrate and include the new employee in the operations, the environment and the workplace culture as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Welcoming event for all new employees

Welcoming Day is a day of networking and happenings where KTH's highest management and new employees from all schools and university administration get to meet and exchange knowledge and experience.

Best of KTH - welcoming event Oct 9th

Best of KTH - welcoming event Nov 15th

Workplace Introduction

The workplace introduction addresses work routines, workplace meetings and other staff forums as well as available support and tools for your work assignments.

To the workplace introduction

Guidance and support for your work assignments

KTH offers several introductory online training courses in legislation, environment and sustainability and professional ethical foundation for all employees. These courses are fundamental introductions to working at KTH and are found in Canvas, KTH´s learning management system. Please, make sure to do the courses in the beginning of your career at KTH.

Basic fire protection training

Theoretical and practical review and practice in fire protection. The training is offered four times a year, in Swedish/English and is of course, free of charge.

Information to basic course in fire prevention

New to KTH web pages

Overall introduction to KTH's organization and operations.

New at KTH on KTH's intranet you will find a first comprehensive and easily accessible introduction to KTH's organization and important policies and regulations at KTH.

Check out KTH´s organization, policies and regulations

Role adapted introduction

Introduction to Sweden and KTH

Being new in Sweden might be a challenge

Once a month, KTH Relocation give a short introduction to Stockholm and KTH for those who are brand-new to Sweden. We focus on housing, insurance, civic registration, banking, safety, medical care, benefits at KTH and information for spouses and families. Bring any forms you may have received recently and we will go through them together.

This introduction is given once a month, for one hour, on a Thursday evening.

KTH Relocation

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