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Work and develop with us

We offer a variety of staff training and development programmes. Read more under each professional category to see how you can develop with us.

Doctoral students

Your development takes place naturally through your progression in research projects and with the help of courses that are available for KTH doctoral students. Your supervisors are key people for you, as they will guide you in your research and your development towards being an independent researcher. During your time as a doctoral student, you will create many networks with colleagues at other universities, the industry and other organisations. These networks will be a stepping-stone after your doctoral studies.


As a first step after your doctoral degree, there is the opportunity to do research as a postdoc. As a postdoctoral fellow at KTH, you are challenged to develop further in your own scientific skills, you contribute to your research area and get the opportunity to build up research networks and participate in teaching.

Researchers and research engineers

With all the challenging tasks in research, you will naturally develop as you progress in your research projects and collaborations. You will gain natural competence development through the research you carry out. There is also an opportunity for you to attend teaching courses and to apply for lecturer or teaching positions.


As a teacher you can take part in any of a variety of collaboration projects and teacher training courses that we have to offer. What responsibility you take in KTH education and research depends on what type of teacher role you have. Tenure Track is our development programme for assistant teachers in which we offer support for scientific and teaching development and leadership training.

Employees in technology, administration and service

As an employee in technology, administration and service you will be in an international workplace with many opportunities for internal mobility. For example, you can broaden your area by participating in one of the many projects that are carried out between the administration, schools, institutions and departments. Another example of broadening your work area would be to change your workplace/role internally, since your position may vary between different schools, institutions and departments. If you obtain a leadership role you will have the opportunity to take part in our leadership programme.

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